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$100[2] is the 3rd episode of the third season of We Bare Bears and the 55th episode overall.


The Baby Bears' dreams come true when they discover a $100 bill when they can't bear to spend it, they have difficulty letting go.


Baby Grizzly pulls a big wagon full of junk down the alley to the Baby Bears' made up house, he makes it back home as Baby Panda is reading the newspaper and Baby Ice Bear is sweeping but are surprised and happy to see him, Baby Grizz brings in the wagon and shows his brothers what he got, he reaches in the wagon and gives Baby Panda a super fire card that will keep the Baby Bears warm and he gives Baby Ice Bear a vacuum cleaner as he breaks the broom with his leg and throws it away and wants the vacuum cleaner instead which is even better for him, Baby Grizz tells Baby Ice Bear that he doesn't know how to turn on the vacuum cleaner but he just figures it out right away and turns it on and he uses it for a little bit just to test it out, Baby Panda imagines that Christmas would be different in the Baby Bears own way. Coupon Cory comes to knock on the Baby Bears' door, visits and says hello to the Baby Bears and are really happy to see him, Cory looks around and loves their new house they made and he gives 3 of them coupons for a Boise Noisy Auto Shop but the Baby Bears don't look too excited and are wondering if Cory's got any coupons for a free car but he says he might have some for tomorrow. Cory tells the Baby Bears that he's got to go and continue with his job working so he gives each of the Baby Bears Baby Grizz and Baby Ice Bear knuckle touches except Baby Panda and everyone says good bye to each other as Baby Grizz says and thinks of Cory as a nice guy, Baby Panda looks in the wagon and asks Baby Grizz if he got any food but he says shoot as he knew he forgot something thanks to Baby Panda reminding him, Baby Ice Bear also looks in the wagon and finds a pair of handcuffs, he pulls them and finds a giant briefcase the handcuffs are attached to when he pulls too hard, the Baby Bears gather around and try to open the briefcase as they're having trouble,Baby Grizz tries to do his karate move by chopping it open but it hurts his hand as the briefcase is hard and unbreakable, Baby Ice Bear tries his way of opening it by using a pencil with scissors and stabs the briefcase and it finally opens but when the Baby Bears look inside it they almost find nothing except just a band aid but Baby Panda finds a crumbled up piece of paper in the corner of the briefcase and unfolds it to see what it is as it appears to be money worth $100, the Baby Bears are really surprised that they a $100 dollar bill and say that they're rich and name the money Hundy, they go out into the city to explore and find something to do and what to get. The Baby Bears go over to Burger Boy saying they could get some burgers, then they go to a hair salon and Baby Panda says he could get the best haircut ever, then they walk to a store with a picture of a chef on the window and a bunch of knives, then they see a toy store across the road with an amazing little pink toy car that was on sale for $99 and they really love it, they imagine what they can do with it by driving down the road with Baby Grizz holding a burger, Baby Panda with long yellow hair and Baby Ice Bear wearing a chef hat and holding a knife looking like a chef, they're just riding in it for fun and the man comes to say about what the Baby Bears think of the toy car, they love it so the man tells them that it's $99.00 almost $100.00 so Baby Grizz tries to give the man their money but Baby Grizz doesn't want to let go and Baby Panda asks him what he's doing and to just give it to the man but Baby Grizz just can't handle that, he tells Baby Panda to help him but everyone fights over Hundy but the Baby Bears can't resist of doing it, they change their minds about the toy car and just leave, they walk down the sidewalk feeling sad and say if they spend Hundy then they'll never have money again, the Baby Bears see that their money Hundy begins to cry and he makes Baby Grizz begin to cry too and says that he's never letting go of Hundy as Baby Panda says that Hundy is their family now and they promise each other and agree to never spend Hundy so they take Hundy back home to keep him. Baby Panda takes care of Hundy like a baby by rocking him to sleep and Baby Ice Bear turns on his vacuum cleaner but Baby Panda tells him to be quiet and to turn it off because Hundy's trying to sleep, Baby Grizz comes back wearing a green tie and Baby Panda asks him where the food is and if he got any food but he still didn't get any food but he tells his brothers Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear not to cry because he got something better, he got a bed for Hundy to sleep in, Baby Panda puts Hundy in bed and tucks him in, the Baby Bears just watch Hundy in bed until they hear a knock on the door and it scares the Baby Bears but when the the door opens, Baby Grizz says that it's just Cory and comes back to say hello again, Baby Grizz tells Coupon Cory about the money the Baby Bears found and what Baby Panda is holding, Cory is really surprised that he's actually seeing money worth a whole $100 bill just because he says he's never seen one up close before, he treats Hundy like a baby by tickling him and Baby Panda tells Cory that he thinks Hundy likes him, Cory says that he has a way of money and tells the Baby Bears that he's a big responsibility, he says that he should be in the life of someone's hand such as Baby Grizz, Cory gives Baby Grizz a coupon for the gym and that's worth 50% off, Baby Grizz thanks Cory for the coupon and Cory tells the Baby Bears that he's got to get back to work and they tell him goodbye. Baby Panda asks Baby Grizz if he can get anymore stuff for Hundy, but Baby Grizz tells Baby Panda of what Cory said he considers that he's the strongest and most responsible bear who supposed to stay home and take care of Hundy since he told Baby Panda that he's the oldest but Baby Panda says that they got a system as always Baby Grizz is supposed to go and Baby Panda takes care of Hundy but Baby Grizz tells him not to be a stiff but Baby Panda tells him to cut it out, but Baby Panda lets go of Hundy as Baby Ice Bear almost sucks him up with his vacuum cleaner but grabs him, Baby Ice Bear holds up his vacuum cleaner in front of his brothers to back off but Baby Grizz tells Baby Ice Bear that he wasn't part of the conversation and discussion, Baby Grizz is almost about to jump on Baby Ice Bear and grab Hundy back but he misses and rolls into the super fire card and lighter, Baby Grizz says that those things could of burned the Baby Bears' house down, Baby Panda tells Baby Ice Bear that he's being too rough with Hundy as Baby Ice Bear is holding up the vacuum cleaner in front of him but Baby Grizz jumps out and knocks the vacuum cleaner out of Baby Ice Bear's hand and now all of the Baby Bears are fighting over Hundy by pulling him stretching him out but they accidentally rip him and the Baby Bears are scared and worried, the Baby Bears just lay down on the ground holding Hundy as he's got a band aid from the briefcase on him, Baby Panda tells Baby Grizz to stop tugging him as Hundy needs to heal but Baby Grizz imitates and mimics him for telling Baby Grizz what to do, but later at night a burglar comes to the Baby Bears' house, peaks inside and see's the Baby Bears holding Hundy as the burglar puts his hand inside and tries to grab the $100 while Baby Grizz is talking in his sleep saying no to Hundy and also says that the Baby Bears won't take it to court but when he almost grabs and sneaks the money away, he accidentally hits the vacuum cleaner, it turns on and it wakes up the Baby Bears, they find out what's going on and wondering who's stealing their money, the burglar grabs Hundy right away and runs off with him and the Baby Bears are chasing him, the burglar throws things at the Baby Bears such as the burglar throwing a soda can at Baby Panda and an apple at Baby Ice Bear, Baby Grizz is the only one running and chasing the burglar down the alley but the burglar see's the policeman walking past the alley, he climbs the ladder of a building and Baby Grizz tells him to come back with the Baby Bears' money Hundy by calling him a dingle, Baby Grizz tries jumping for the ladder and climbs it too with the help of his brothers by pushing him up, the burglar reaches the top and takes out the money from his pocket as he can't believe he's finally got money but Baby Ice Bear is biting his leg while Baby Panda grabs Hundy back standing on the railing and Baby Grizz jumps on him and pulls off his mask really hard, the Baby Bears finally get Hundy back and Baby Panda asks Baby Grizz if he's okay but when the Baby Bears look at the burglar, they see that it's Coupon Cory and ask him why would he do this but Cory says hello to the Baby Bears and tells them that he doesn't want any trouble, he just wants the money that Baby Panda is holding but Baby Ice Bear takes it from him quickly, Cory grabs the money from the Baby Bears by pulling it but they're not letting go of Hundy, they fight over the $100 and Cory flings Baby Grizz and Baby Ice Bear by throwing trash as Cory falls into the garbage dumpster, Baby Panda starts running to quickly help his brothers by grabbing Baby Grizz's hands but he see's Hundy flying over into the railing, Baby Grizz tells Baby Panda to save Hundy instead of his brothers just because Hundy means a lot more to his brothers and have a better life without them, Baby Panda gives out his very hard pull and pulls his brothers up right away, Hundy blows away in the wind as Baby Panda begins to cry and apologizes to his brothers as he's really scared for almost losing them and he just lost Hundy but Baby Grizz tells him that he was really brave out there, everything actually just happened because of Cory, the Baby Bears see Cory in the dumpster and the policeman comes and asks Cory if he's okay but the Baby Bears tell the policeman to arrest Cory for robbing their house and stealing their money, throwing a can at Baby Panda and an apple at Baby Ice Bear, Baby Panda says that it hurt him really badly then the Baby Bears are booing at him as Cory is doing a crazy laugh, the policeman arrests him by handcuffing his hand taking him down to the police station and the Baby Bears agree with the policeman about that but Baby Panda see's Hundy flying around in the air as Baby Panda begins to cry again with a tear coming from his eye saying that Hundy is the best money the Baby Bears ever saw, Baby Grizz says that he's worth it but tells his brothers that they're worth more and the Baby Bears give each other knuckle touches and celebrate to go get some food, Baby Grizz's stomach gurgles when he's saying his last final word that it's been days as the episode ends.




  • Hundy
  • Baby Ice Bear's Vacuum Cleaner



  • Baby Come With Me


Cultural References

  • The briefcase belongs to D.B. Cooper, a man who hijacked a plane in 1971 and parachuted with the ransom money.
  • The truck the baby bears wanted buy could be based off the Princess Car that Lola Loud, from the Loud House, owns.

International Premieres

  • November 7, 2017 (UK and Ireland)




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