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Action Buddies is an action film produced by Shakycem Films. It stars Todd Eagle as the main protagonist.

It was first seen in "Our Stuff" in the form of a CD rented by Player 41. The bears had stolen it as part of the various items in the backpack they'd taken from him. The movie was also mentioned in "Video Date" as one of Celine's interests, and brief glimpses of the film could be seen in "Baby Bears on a Plane". Also in Road Trip it appears as a cameo (Part XIV)

Episode appearances

Video Date

As Panda needs his brothers' help in video dating with Celine, Grizzly takes a turn to chat with her and unexpectedly finds out that Celine has an interest in the film Action Buddies like he does.

Baby Bears on a Plane

A young Grizzly quickly finds a seat after being urged by the stewardess. The other seat in front of him has a built-in TV screen playing the film, to Grizz's amazement. Additionally to his surprise, the person in the seat next to him is none other than Todd Eagle himself.


  • In "Baby Bears on a Plane", during the scene scene in which Todd is lifting up a shark with an explosion in the background, the sound effect used is the same as the one used by the bears' modification of Chloe's presentation in "Chloe".

Cultural References

  • The name and disc art could be a parody of the 2010 action film The Expendables.
  • Action Buddies is a spoof of both the Mission Impossible and Die Hard films.

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