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Agent Buck Trout is the main antagonist of "We Bare Bears: The Movie" and the overarching antagonist of the entire We Bare Bears series, despite not appearing in it. He is an agent from the National Wildlife Control who wants to restore the "natural order" by separating the Bears.

We Bare Bears: The Movie

During the courts about the Bears for going wild through the entire city and blackouts with Officer Murphy's objections, Agent Trout arrived and starts to gave some of his fake news to the people about that the Bears had been stack to be dangerous and they must be separated by maintaining order by any means of possible. Once the Bears are taken away with Trout watching them, Darrell, Ranger Tabes, Chloe, Lucy, confront him for being cruel towards the Bears and deceiving everyone with his lies. Trout instead callously dismiss their complaints and lies that he is sending them to the nature preserve for safety, much to Chloe's disgust. Ironically, Murphy appears on sight, making Trout freak out to question at Murphy for someone else driving the van.

The next morning, the police begins investigating the Bears cave until Trout arrives as then summons his reinforcements to capture the Bears. In an attempt to fulfill his ambitions, Trout must be ready to separate the Bears in natural order: Grizzly in North America, Panda in China, and Ice Bear in the Arctic. While at the intersection's inspection, the Bears quickly disguised themselves to sneak past the National Wildlife Preserve soldiers in their van. When the second van pulls up, the soldier calls for Trout that he caught the Bears, which he walks over and attempts to arrest them. Unfortunately for Trout, he found out that it has a real people in the same van that Bears had, driving an angry Trout berate his soldier for his failure before Murphy reappears with getting his croissant shoved in his mouth by Trout.

After Trout founds the Bears at the famous animal celebrities party by Pizza Rat (Who was trying to get more followers and jealous of their inconclusive), he and his reinforcements try to capture the Bears, but the animal celebrities attack them, allowing the Bears to escape with their fully repaired van by the raccoons until Trout wrecks the music and proceeded his chase through the bridge as he struggle to capture Panda. The Bears manages to lose him by jumping over the gap bridge after activating the rocket upgraded booster to make their way to Canada. The soldier informs Trout about the Bears' cellphone they've accidentally left behind during their runaway. After being unable to enter to Canada and their arguments, Trout appears with his reinforcements as he showed them their cellphone of their plans to go Canada until he orders his reinforcements to capture them. Eventually, Trout takes the Bears to the Natural Preserve. However, Trout finally reveals his true plans to separate the Bears by sending Panda to China and Ice to Arctic while he puts disheartened Grizzly in his cage with other abused grizzlies (Including the Cubs) that captures previously. Murphy criticizes Trout for his cruel methods toward the Bears, but instead he dismisses him from the case. In the meantime, Trout begins to torment Grizzly in his cage and reveals his true plans about predatory of human dominance before cruelly leaving to proceed with his plans, making Grizzly sob in failure.

After Grizzly (regaining his confidence from his young self and the other grizzlies) breaks out of his cell before freeing the other grizzly bears to rescue his brothers. As Panda and Ice Bear's cages are preparing to lift away by the helicopter, Trout and his reinforcements hears a large rumbling sound where Grizzly and the other bears breakthrough the fence to ambush and, which also causes several of the scared natural preserve soldiers to run away because their fury. Enraged, Trout sticks out his taser, rants about his immensely hatred of bears as he advances and threaten them with it while both Panda and Ice bears cell is lift off in mid-air away. Fortunately, Grizzly throws the axe to Ice Bear who liberates himself and helps Panda as they’ve land to preserve safely to confront Trout in rage, much to Trout's shock. Surrounded with angry bears, Trout frantically tried to attack them with taser but the bears roar at him and he gets scared, Grizzly tells him that the cages, the reservation and everything is because Trout is afraid of what is different and not because it is the right thing to do, Trout tries to find an escape but ends up running towards a cage and it is locked. Trout demands to be taken out and hypocritically states that nature has an order to which Grizzly tells him that nature adapts and that him should do so, leaving Trout completely humiliated. Suddenly, the wildfire begins spread everywhere that traps the Bears on sight before Murphy arrives with a helicopter to rescue the Bears from the wildfire.

Upon the failures of his attempts, Trout escape from his cell and climb on the Bears to stack until he begins to mock them as he tries to escape and plans to leave the bear in the wildfire to their death (Possibly out of spite for ruining his plans) as he continues to mock the bears because they only stack and can't stop him. Before he can do so, Murphy ambushes Trout by shoving a donut into his mouth and handcuffs him to the rail with one final insult about shutting up, much to his dismay. Following his defeat, Trout was finally arrested and imprisoned by Murphy and the rest of his police officers for endangering the bear species and some other crime charges.

It is somewhat implied that Trout was sentenced to prison for possibly the rest of his life, with his position getting permanently removed for his crimes where he would suffers the worst atrocities in prison, therefore receiving ironic and karmic fate like he exactly did to all bears for his own pleasure.


He is a tall, middle-aged adult man with grey hair and glasses. He wears a black business suit with a blue tie and black leather gloves along with a tan trenchcoat adorned with a police badge on the coat.


Trout is a biased and prejudiced individual who looks down on the Bears as wild savage beasts that can't fit into human society and makes it his goal to send the Bears to a wildlife preserve. He makes this ideal clear by using brute force to capture the Bears and even comes close to separating the Bear brothers by shipping Panda to China and Ice Bear to Alaska. He later forces Grizzly into a cage with several other endemic bears and shows immense pleasure in taunting Grizzly. He has a xenophobic ideal that nature has an order and will use abuse and violence to show it as shown when he is willing to tase the Bears at the facility, all because he is afraid of what is different. When the bear facility gets caught up in the wildfire and Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, and the other bears try to stack up in order to escape, Trout uses the Bears to escape from the wildfire onto the helicopter and attempts to leave the Bears to die, showing immense sadistic satisfaction in his actions. This leads to his downfall at the hands of a disgusted Officer Murphy, which resulted in his arrest.




  • Although Agent Trout is the main antagonist of the television film, he is shown to be the most dangerous enemy that the Bears ever faced.
  • Trout is the common name for a number of freshwater fish and are the main food source for brown bears.
    • This also fits with Agent Trout's main conflict with the Bears and his willingness to commit murder to get rid of them.
  • Agent Trout is similar to Norm, as their actions involve destroying the natural order of nature for their own selfish agenda. However, Agent Trout is proven to be more dangerous than Norm, or any human villain the Bears encountered, with Barry as an exception, as Trout was willing to burn down a forest and kill the Bears to "maintain" the natural order of nature.
  • He is the final antagonist of the series.
  • He is easily comparable and references to Dr. Zander Rice from Logan.
  • His real motives for capturing and putting the Bears in a Wild Animal Preserve was not being a threat to human society or their antic, he reveals to Grizzly that humans have been the dominant species on earth since beginning of time. He's a strong believer its the "natural order" that humanity shall remain the only dominant species and not want something that's not human, animals like Bears evolve into people like them (Like walking on two legs and talking).

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