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Amanda is a customer at the same Boba Shop that Panda was at in the episode "Summer Love". Panda fell in love with her as both were reading the same manga and drinking the same drink. She leaves her phone at the shop and Panda goes on a mission to find her before 6 PM. After finding her and returning her phone, he tries to confess his love, but she stops him because she has to take a train to the airport, as she's moving to another city, much to Panda's dismay. Amanda hugs him and tells him that if she were ever to lose her phone again, she hopes that he would be the one to find it for her and proceeds to leave for her train afterwards.


Amanda has black, puffy hair and fair complexion and wears eyeliner. She wears a panda-shaped hat and a pink shirt with matching denim shorts. For her footwear, Amanda wears low-cut socks and brown shoes. She can be seen wearing a panda backpack and possesses a phone with a casing designed with a panda in pink background which was stolen by a bird for the scientist's crazy experiment in the episode Summer Love. But not long enough was it that she retrieved it because of Panda.

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