Andrew "Andy" Bangs is a child internet star. The videos he mainly creates are public pranks where he hops out of inconspicuous places and shouts "Bang!" to surprise people. Some find him entertaining, but others do not, and one of them is Panda because he finds Andy really disturbing. He's known as Andy Bangs online because of this. He lives in San Francisco. Andy made his first and, so far, only appearance in the episode "Nom Nom's Entourage".


Andy is about as tall as Chloe and can be assumed to be around her age. He has short ginger hair with blonde highlights in his bangs. He has freckles on his cheeks, and buck teeth. His signature apparel seems to be a vibrant orange shirt with a bright green collar and pouch and black sleeves along with bright blue baggy pants and black-and-white sneakers.


While his personality is largely a mystery, he does show a liking towards pranking and surprising people. He also seems to enjoy insulting, or "burning", people, as seen when he constantly insulted Nom Nom when the two met.

He also seems to be very sensitive about his hair, judging by the reaction he has to Ice Bear telling him his bangs have split ends.


Nom Nom

Between Andy and Nom Nom, a popularity competition can be seen in the episode "Nom Nom's Entourage". Inside the club, Andy and Nom Nom met as they can't help but insult each other.


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