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Andrew "Andy" Bangs is a child internet star. The videos he mainly creates are public pranks where he pops out of inconspicuous places and shouts "Bang!" to surprise people. Some find him entertaining, but many find his content annoying, and Panda was initially frightened by him. He's known as Andy Bangs online because of this, and Bangs is most likely not his real surname though this remains unconfirmed. He lives in San Francisco. Andy made his only appearance in the episode "Nom Nom's Entourage".


Andy is about as tall as Chloe and can be assumed to be around her age. He has medium length light brown hair with a patch of blond hair on his bangs. He has freckles on his cheeks, and large front teeth, though not large enough to stick out when his mouth is closed. His signature apparel is a vibrant orange pullover hoodie with a lime green collar and pouch and black sleeves, along with bright blue baggy jeans and white sneakers with black soles and laces.


While his personality is largely a mystery, he does seem to enjoy his job. He also seems to enjoy insulting, or "burning", people, as seen when he made a fool out of Nom Nom in his only episode, Nom Nom's Entourage.

In spite of how juvenile his job as an internet-famous prankster is, he's strangely mature and well-spoken, even intimidating at times. In fact, he comes off as so mature that despite how young he is, he was permitted to enter a nightclub.

That being said, Andy is still childlike, being shown in Nom Nom's Entourage to escalate a situation when it doesn't go his way, calling his bodyguards to beat up the Bears when they keep roasting him. When that decision backfires on him, he cries and runs away.


Nom Nom[]

In "Nom Nom's Entourage", Nom Nom considers Andy a serious rival, going as far as to call Andy his nemesis. While Andy certainly doesn't like Nom Nom, he doesn't seem nearly as invested in their rivalry, though it's very likely that the events in his debut episode would cause Andy to develop a real aversion to Nom Nom.


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