The Backpack is an item owned by the Bears. The Bears use it to, evidently, travel with their belongings. They had taken it with them to the Basketball Court to hold their stuff before they played against a team of basketball players. It made its first appearance in the episode "Our Stuff".

It also appeared in the episodes "Shush Ninjas" and "Poppy Rangers".


The backpack is yellow. It features a tan-colored, rather orange, diamond shape on the upper middle area of the backpack. Inside the diamond is three dots, the center one large than the other two.

Our Stuff

The Bears' backpack gets stolen. It held important items, such as Panda's Phone, Grizzly's Wallet, and Ice Bears' Ninja Stars. The Bears ended up looking all over the city to find their backpack, and even went so far as to inadvertently ask the Pigeon Cartel, oblivious they were the thieves.

They ended up suspecting Player 41 as the thief, as the Pigeon Cartel gave them a clue related to his jersey. After a fiasco, the Bears ended up discovering their belongings and other peoples' belongings in the hands of the Pigeon Cartel. The Bears managed to get their backpack back.

Shush Ninjas

The Bears took the backpack with them to Cinepia. After leaving the theater room, the Bears confronted the Manager about it. After some discussion between the two, the Bears pulled some Interpretive Dance Suits out of the backpack to use as disguises while they go around "shushing" people.

Poppy Rangers

Grizz brought the backpack with him during a Poppy Rangers expedition filled with generally useless junk as well as a camera and jump rope.


  • Chloe owns a backpack which is similar in appearance to that of the Bears'.
    • The same can be said about Player 41's backpack.

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