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I wasn't born on this earth just to stay alive. I was born to be alive.

Badger is an Australian survivalist and the star of the show "Badger in the Wild". He made his first appearance in the episode "Primal" And the second episode he appears in is "Christmas Parties".


Badger has tanned skin. He has long, blonde hair, a big, bushy goatee and black eyes. He has very large muscles. He's usually seen wearing his signature green tank top, black vest and khaki cargo pants, along with his usual green headband.


He was shown in an advertisement for his TV show, "Badger in the Wild", where he was seen in various clips of him out in the wild. He's seen bad-mouthing the urban lifestyle, talking about how he'd rather live "the way nature intended" than to lounge about in air conditioned homes on the computer all day. This is what influences Grizzly, as he starts to feel guilty and self-conscious the more Badger goes on. By the time the advertisement ended was when Grizzly wanted to take him and his brothers out into the wild.

Cultural References[]

  • Badger is a parody of many stars of several survival shows, such as Survivor Man from the titular televison series, "Survivor Man".



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