Bagel Rat is an urban rat that loves hoarding bagel-shaped objects into his underground room located in their local subway station.


Bagel Rat is a urban rat with a long tail and big ears. His eyes are black and very small. Their paws are small, which is to be expected of their size. Bagel Rat also uses a fitness tracker that was given by Grizzly Bear. Which, coincidentally, looks like a bagel.

And it's a clear cultural reference to Pizza Rat.


Grizzly Bear

  • Grizzly's relationship with Bagel Rat did not start very well, mainly because Bagel Rat stole things from Grizzly. But after saving Panda's cell phone and getting out alive after being almost hit by the train, they became good friends.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


  • Bagel Rat is a reference to a viral video called "New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway".
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