The Basketball Court is first seen in "Our Stuff" and is, as the name states, used for playing games of basketball. The court is also seen in "Charlie Ball" and "Nom Nom's Entourage" during a montage.


The basketball court is surrounded by a fence and features bleachers, racks of basketballs, and two hoops on either side.

Our Stuff

When preparing for a match against a group of basketball players, the Bears left the backpack they brought with them to hold their stuff. The game starts and they miss the basket several times. They eventually make a basket after many failures and this is enough for them to celebrate. They cheer their way out of the court and Grizzly congratulates them all.

Everything is fine until they realize they don't have their backpack or their things. Panicked, they hurry back to the court to find their backpack missing. Panda seems most distraught. They quickly leave to try and track down their belongings.

Charlie Ball

The basketball court was prevalent throughout the entire episode as the Bears and Charlie play against a group of basketball players and eventually, the Bears play against Charlie.

Nom Nom's Entourage

During a montage of the Bears attempting to show Nom Nom what it's like to be and have friends, the Bears attempt to demonstrate high fives on the basketball court.

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