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Bear Stack is a short by Louie Zong that aired alongside four other shorts on April 27, 2017.[1]


The Bears are on a video-game style quest to get the last copy of a game at the game store.


Ice is playing a video game when the episode opens. Grizz is sitting beside him, excited as always. Panda comes rushing inland is telling them about a new video game that has come out and how the game store only has one copy left. Grizz says that they have to go.

They all rush out of the door and a video game soundtrack starts playing in the background. It adapts into a video game, with the phone's battery life in the top right corner, a map in the bottom left corner and the number of bears left in the top left corner. They start running and it scrolls just like a video game.

They jump over a bunny, duck so they don't hit a bird. and run right next to a deer. They are stopped by Ranger Tabes and they have to wait while little ducks cross the path. Panda notices some ropes hanging and Grizz jumps and starts swinging from them, bringing the rest of the stack with him.

They slide down a flag pole and continue to run. Now they are in a pixelated world and Charlie pops out of a bush. He asks if they want to hang out, but the bears say no but Charlie starts begging. They give him Cheese Puffs and he is distracted long enough for the bears to keep running. They run into a subway entrance and the world turns back to normal animation.

They run into a few people but keep going. Panda's phone dies and the map goes blank. Chloe, luckily, is sitting in front of them, at a cafe. She plugs his phone into her charger and it regains it's battery life. Next is something like a cutscene. They have arrived at the game store and they can see the game. It was their's! But before they can grab the copy, Nom Nom appears and claims that he saw it first. A scene starts with them fighting, an allusion to Super Smash Bros.

Nom Nom throws stuff at them, decreasing their health, but before he can continue to hurt their health, Ice throws Panda's phone at Nom Nom's stomach and he loses all his health. The bears grab the game and go to pay for it. The cashier tells them that it's $50. They realize that they don't have any money and slam their heads onto the counter in defeat. The episode ends.




  • Chloe apparently did get a new sweatshirt after the events of "The Demon", as she is seen wearing it when she appears in this short.
  • This is the first short featuring Chloe Park but she only appears for a little bit when she charges The Bears' phone.
  • Grizzly's "head-desk" at the very end of Bear Stack, as well as the bears' failure to get their video game.

Cultural References

  • The title card's blocky style is a reference to the 2011 game Minecraft.
  • The bears running toward the store is similar to many running games like Temple Run.
  • The bears sliding down the flagpole is a reference to Mario.
  • The overworld scene where they meet Charlie is similar to the low-def Game Boy Advance graphics, with small, pixelated sprites and no audible dialogue, only text boxes.
  • The cutscene with Nom Nom resembles an NES console cutscene.
  • The final fight with Nom Nom is similar to Street Fighter or Tekken.
  • The game Panda is playing at the beginning is similar to The Legend of Zelda.




We Bare Bears Bear Stack Cartoon Network

We Bare Bears Bear Stack Cartoon Network

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