Books N' Books is a small bookstore. The building made its first and only appearance in the episode "Hibernation".



The store's walls are a dull yellow, with the exception of the sign, which is a much brighter, solid yellow. The windows have a green framing, and green-and-white striped awnings hang over the front door and windows. The revolving door and surrounding windows have a brown framing. Two red flags stick out from the second floor on either side of the sign. There is also a sign that says "20% OFF". It appears to be at least two-stories tall.


The inside features a large number of categories bearing a wide selection of various books. There is a café section in the bookstore, featuring various different pastries. The walls are a warm, golden crisp color, giving the interior a very homey feeling. The ceiling of the first floor consists of like green tiles while the carpeting is a light grey.


The Bears take a small visit to a small bookstore. Grizzly is seen looking at the plethora of pastries available in the café area, Ice Bear is found reading through a book about hatchets, and Panda is attempting to look through the Teen Romance aisle. However, in fear of being caught by other passersby, he flees to the Nature aisle, where he frantically grabs a book. Finding it's a book about pandas, he calls his brothers over and Ice Bear ends up finding a book about polar bears in the same section. Interested, the two recite various facts from the books. Feeling left out, Grizzly quickly searches for a book about grizzly bears where he finds a children's book. It describes the phenomena of hibernation and how grizzlies are one of the few creatures that does it. In an attempt to fit in with his brothers, he tries to read off a common fact as an interesting one to his brothers, but they're uninterested. Reading on, Grizzly states he wants to hibernation. Panda mentions its January and shows his disapproval for the idea, but Grizzly is set on hibernating.


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