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"Where is it?"
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[Panda is in a waiting room at a dentist, looking through a magazine called "SMILE"]

Panda: Egh, ew! Egh! Hm... (Looks to left to see a poster) Huh?

[There is a poster, with a parody of Uncle Sam replaced with a tooth saying 'I Want YOU To Brush Your Teeth']

Panda: Oh! (Chuckles) That's actually kinda clever... what?!

[The poster changes to it saying 'OR ELSE...']

Panda: (Rubs eyes) Wha-

[The poster goes back to normal]

Panda: Phew! (Grabs phone and sighs)

[Grizz bursts out of the dentist room]

Grizz/Panda: Done!/(Screams)

Grizz: Hey Pan-Pan! Look who came back with perfect teeth.

[Grizz and Ice Bear show off their pearly whites]

Panda: Oh that's nice (Nervously laughs) Ugh, I hate going to the dentist.

Grizz: Oh come on, Pan! It's nothin'!

Dr. Clark: I see you bears are showing off your smiles; that's cool.

[Grizz and Ice Bear once again smile]

Dr. Clark: Anyway, I'm ready to see you Panda.

Panda: Dr. Clark? Wait, you're a dentist too?

Dr. Clark: Oh yeah, I have many degrees.

[Cuts to a display with all of Clark's degrees]

Grizz: Dang doc, that's impressive!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear has more.

Dr. Clark: Now let's go check those teeth, huh?

Panda: Okay, (Nervous laugh) here I go! Wish me luck guys! (Nervous laugh)

[Cut to Dr. Clark cleaning Panda's teeth]

Dr. Clark: Alright, Panda, you good to go. Congratulations, you've got perfect teeth.

Panda: Ah! It's a miracle!

Dr. Clark: Is what I would've said if that were the case. In fact, you need braces.

Panda: (Aghast) Braces?

Dr. Clark: (Pulls out tablet to show a visual) Although your teeth look fine now, as time goes on, your teeth will keep shifting until five years from now, you look like this. (Shows horrid picture of Panda's future teeth)

[Panda gives a horrified look]

Panda: Do whatever you need to do doc. (Lays back down)

[Cut to Grizz and Ice Bear in the waiting room]

Grizz: And I was 'when you put that salad on a pizza, and then I'll eat it' and he did!

Dr. Clark: Hey bears, your brother's all finished. He had a minor tooth adjustment. And this is all your insurance will cover.

[Panda comes out, with braces and headgear]

Panda: Um, hi guys...

Grizz: (Gasps)

[Grizz and Ice Bear try to keep from laughing]

Panda: What is it guys? What's wrong?! (Grabs phone to look at himself) Wha- Oh my gosh! I'm hideous!

[Panda's phone then goes to static]

Panda: Huh? Doc, what's going on with my phone?

Dr. Clark: Hm, looks like there's some electric interference because of all the metal on you. It's perfectly normal. Although I've never put braces on a bear before.

Panda: Ugh, I'm a monster! (Sobs)

Dr. Clark: Well, if anything gets outta hand-

Panda: Oh, why me?! (Sobs)

Dr. Clark (To Grizz and Ice Bear) If anything gets outta hand, here's my card.

Grizz: Thanks doc, we got the kid.

Dr. Clark: Well Panda, I'll leave you to your healing.

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