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Brother Up is the 14th episode of the first season of We Bare Bears and the 14th episode overall.[2]


When Panda scares away a pack of wolves, the hierarchy of the Bears' is disrupted, and emotional Panda becomes leader.[3]


The episode starts with a presentation-esque clip. A narrator gives a brief explanation on the definition of the word hierarchy. He then rhetorically asks the audience what happens when a lower-ranking person in a hierarchy wishes to become the alpha. The narrator then says that the episode will explain just that.

The true episode starts with the Bears jogging in their signature Bear Stack. Grizzly is motivating them, jogging in place atop Panda while Ice Bear is jogging in the direction of their goal. Panda starts to complain to Grizzly, telling him that he was planning on going to the mall but the day is almost over. Grizzly brushes off his complaints as he tells Panda how he takes his role as the "big brother" very seriously. He says he wants to make sure the Bears get their vital exercise. Flies come across Panda's face as Ice Bear jumps up a bush. Panda is very unlucky, and many unfortunate things occur to him. He keeps screaming until the jog is eventually over. Grizzly decides to climb a tree with Ice, while Panda sits out. Charlie pops up beside Panda and asks him how he's doing. Panda states that Grizzly was being bossy. Then Grizzly and Ice Bear come. Grizzly asks Charlie why he is here. A pack of wolves howl. Though Grizzly thinks there are no dangerous things in the forest, Charlie points out tree scratches. Grizzly says that they're bunny scratches.

Ice Bear says, "Ice Bear sees bunnies," and points to the 2 wolves. Panda becomes scared and backs into a spider web. He panics and screams while waving the water bag around, scaring and chasing the wolves away. Ice Bear states that he wishes he could do that. They go into the bear stack, but Charlie switches Panda with Grizzly so he can get better reception for the "MapApp". They go forward as Panda tells them to.

We next see them at the Cave, when Grizzly wakes up the next morning. Ice Bear and Panda have already decided to go to the mall. They try Korean Karaoke, and people laugh at Grizzly for not knowing Korean. At the cave, Panda tells Grizzly that it wasn't so bad. Grizzly gives him a note telling him to go away. Charlie comes and says that he heard that the pack of wolves are coming by the cave. Horrified, Panda states that he, himself, is a fraud. He explains to Charlie that it was an accident. The wolves throw a brick through the window that says to come outside.

Panda wants to do this alone and be a good big brother. He walks out the door and dozens of wolves appear, the leader wearing a bandage around his right eye. Charlie stops him and gives him the backpack that Panda used before. He waves the backpack and makes sounds again. The wolves are scared and back down, but Charlie pats his back and causes Panda to drop the backpack into the pack of wolves. The backpack is ripped to pieces. Panda then starts to worry and asks Charlie what they are going to do, but Charlie has already hidden in a blue garbage can. The wolves come closer to Panda. Panda moves back until Ice Bear lifts Panda up. Soon enough, it becomes a stacking challenge and music plays. Charlie brings more things for the bears to stand on, but eventually the Bears run out of things to stand on. As Panda screams for Grizzly to help, Grizzly pushes Charlie aside and comes to the rescue. He stands on top of Panda and roars loudly. The wolves come tumbling down and run away and Charlie comments that it was a "good fight." Panda apologizes, but Grizzly admits that he was wrong and they are all equal. Ice Bear requests that he be on top. It cuts to the Bears standing in a freezing meat locker, and Panda says, shivering, that Grizzly should be on top.







  • The narrator in the intro is the voice of Demetri Martin, the voice of Ice Bear.
  • This episode was originally set to premiere on September 24, 2015, but it was pulled due to the premiere of Wabbit.[1]
  • When Grizz was about to cry missing Panda, he shows a picture of him and his brothers as Baby Bears on the computer with him holding a bunch of balloons.
  • This is the first episode The Bears change places on their bear stack and it's also the first episode Ice Bear finally gets to be top bear for once just because he's always the bottom bear leading the ways.

Cultural References


  • The acorn on The Nut Shack Salesman's shirt in the photo Grizzly was looking at is missing.
  • During the music sequence, when Panda is dropping items down into the baskets Grizzly is holding, Panda's paw disappears.

International premieres

  • November 18, 2015 (Turkey)
  • March 14, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • April 25, 2016 (UK and Ireland)



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