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Bunnies[3] is the 30th episode of the third season of We Bare Bears and the 82nd episode overall.


The baby bears meet a group of helpless bunnies. When they find out the bunnies live in fear of vicious crows, the Bears decide to become heroes and help out.


The Baby Bears are walking down the road to get to the chocolate festival in Denver Colorado. Baby Grizzly explains to his brothers Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear about the chocolate festival and how far away it is, he says it's 150 miles but he also says that if they power walk they'll make it there before winter, Baby Panda begins to cry saying that he can't walk that far and gets worried that they'll never make it, Baby Grizzly tries to cheer him up by explaining more about the chocolate festival, when they get there they'll eat gallons of chocolate until they explode from sweetness as Baby Grizzly promises, Baby Panda stops crying and makes up his mind to not give up getting to the chocolate festival, when the Baby Bears cheer for themselves they hear a crow and Baby Panda gets scared by hugging Baby Ice Bear, but down the hill they see a bunch of bunnies picking carrots and corn from the garden, but as bunnies are picking out carrots and corn they see a crow coming to torture them. The Baby Bears see the bunnies in trouble so they run down the hill but Baby Panda says that they shouldn't get involved but he falls and rolls down the hill so fast while Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear are running but they see Baby Panda rolling past them, a bunny was in trouble when a crow tried to hurt him but Baby Panda hit him out of the way and the crow was almost about to kill him too. Baby Panda holds up a piece of corn and the crow takes it but Baby Ice Bear jumps on him and flies around, Baby Ice Bear jumps off the bird while doing his karate moves and Baby Grizzly throws a rock at it and misses but crow flies away anyway as Baby Grizzly tells it to never come back, Baby Panda tells him to stop because they might get mad and come back, but Baby Grizzly says they almost hurt Baby Panda and should of threw the corn and the cob at it as well, Baby Ice Bear taps Baby Grizzly on his back and they see the bunnies as they're coming to jump on the Baby Bears thanking them for saving their life, but the Baby Bears realize that they're wearing flower headbands which Baby Grizzly calls them crowns and wonder if the Baby Bears are knighted, Baby Panda gets the bunnies off of him, he sniffs a bunny and says it's kind of stinky, he says no thank you, he thinks the bunnies want the Baby Bears to go but Baby Grizzly says to him nonsense, he can talk some rabbit and tells his brothers that the bunnies are grateful for help, the bunnies want to repay the Baby Bears and show them their real house. The bunnies have a party inside their tree, play music and welcome the Baby Bears, a bunny throws a flower headband on his head and says thanks in a rude way, Baby Panda sniffs and says it smells even worse and is really stinky in the tree house, he takes off his headbands, throws them away and tells Baby Grizzly that they should go now to the chocolate festival like Baby Grizzly promised, but he tells Baby Panda to take it easy as the 3 Baby Bears are the bunnies' iron guests, then the president bunny appears as Baby Grizzly calls him because he can tell his eyebrows, Baby Panda asks and wonders if it's entertainment but it's not, Baby Grizzly tells him that the bunny president is going to tell the story of the bunny tribe, Baby Grizzly explains the story of the bunny tribe for the bunnies, the story is about the crows blocking out the sun, terrorized all the bunny kind, stole the food until suddenly 3 bears appeared which is the Baby Bears, they made them go away by throwing a rock at them and helped the bunny kind in the valley and the story ends, the bunnies play music and celebrate their freedom, Baby Panda thinks they've been with the bunnies long enough but they invite the Baby Bears to dance, Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear dance with the bunnies for a while except Baby Panda he kind of just enjoys the music. The bunnies give the Baby Bears some food for the road and wish to stay but they got to be on their way since they still got a long way to go, Baby Panda happily says it's time for chocolate finally but then a bunny comes and warns the other bunnies about what's going on, Baby Panda ignores that and just says goodbye to them but the bunnies stop him by jumping on him and asks his brother Baby Grizzly why they're freaking out, Baby Grizzly tells his brothers that the bunnies say that the crows are coming back but this time with they're whole entire army flock just like in the pictures, Baby Panda gets worried saying that's way too many, he tells his brothers that they got to go now but they can't just leave the bunnies defenseless, Baby Panda just says that they look fine to him as he's just saying that, Baby Grizzly tells him to not be like that but Baby Panda tells him that he promised they'd get to the chocolate festival and to forget about these bunnies, Baby Panda doesn't even want to help the rabbits he just wants to stay on the road and continue their adventure to Denver and get to the chocolate festival, he explains they've always been on their own and ask why can't the bunnies be the same, he already let it out and said his reason, he tells Baby Ice Bear to come on but Baby Grizzly says that they need help but Baby Panda refuses to help, he says he chooses life and chocolate, he just walks away when a bunny is on his back and throws it on the ground angrily, he stomps away angrily and being selfish, Baby Ice Bear is about to go after him but Baby Grizzly tells him not to and to just let him go, they're deciding to catch up to him after, he says that helping the bunnies are more important than the chocolate festival, he flings a stick around scaring the bunnies they work out an idea and plan figuring out how to be ready to get rid of the crows, they build a scarecrow out of leaves, flowers and a pumpkin for the head and face, the wind's blowing and the birds are coming, they use the rope to pull up the scarecrow and it scares the crows away saying that it worked, Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear brag and say that they did it but they let go of the rope and the bunnies go flying and hit their heads on the tree branch and the scarecrow falls over and breaks, the crows see what's going on and they call each other saying that it's safe to come back, the 2 Baby Bears see the crows coming and runaway, back on the road Baby Panda is just wondering if his brothers are getting eaten by crows but it's not his fault or problem since he's right, he's just waiting and see's a car coming, he holds up a picket sign and 3 guys in the car say that they see Baby Panda as they stop the car and he asks the guys if there going to the chocolate festival, they said they are, they decide to pick him up and bring him to the chocolate festival, when the guys explain to Baby Panda that they're going to eat as much chocolate until they explode just like what the Baby Bears said earlier on but they also told him that chocolate's more important than family as Baby Panda rethinks it and changes his mind to go back and get his brothers he's wrong for what he did and to just leave them like that. The crows are chasing the Baby Bears around and the bunnies, Baby Grizzly tells the crows to eat him instead but they hear Baby Panda calling them and says that he came back, he also says that he'll never ditch his family and never help someone in need but a crow comes from behind him, pushes him, knocks him over and he falls down the hill and lands on the bunnies, he coughs out a leaf from his mouth as his brothers Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear are happy to see him again, he asks them what he missed, they tried to build a scarecrow, a flower flies on Baby Panda as Baby Grizzly is still talking saying that they sort of goofed, the bunnies hug Baby Panda and says to them that it's no time for bunny hug but it gives him an idea, he gathers all of the bunnies to hug him and he turns into a giant bunny monster as his brothers are really surprised, he becomes bunny the destroyer, he uses the bunnies as his weapons to make the crows go away and they pretend to explode and blow up in the ground like bombs, Baby Panda yells at the crows to leave the land and never return in a big loud angry growling voice, the guys in the car are driving and they see Baby Panda as a large bunny destroyer through the car mirror and it scares them away to drive faster, he makes a haunting laugh and tells the bunnies on wards to Denver but he falls and all of the bunnies fall too as his brothers see him, Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear congratulate him for doing it. The bunnies make more scarecrows and bags for the Baby Bears to bring food on the way, they wear their flower crowns and say that the bunnies are well protected, the bunnies jump on Baby Panda as they're all happy, the Baby Bears wish they could stay with the bunnies longer, but they got to be on their way since they still got a long way to go ahead of them, they promised to get to the chocolate festival no matter what, the Baby Bears wish them good luck, saying goodbye and that they love them, Baby Panda apologizes to Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear for leaving, but they forgive him, as everything worked out in the end now that the bunnies are going to be just fine. The Baby Bears leave as the bunnies are still waving to them, but the wind blows, and a scarecrow falls over and breaks, prompting the bunnies to run and hide in different places as the episode ends.




  • This is the first episode featuring the Bunnies.
  • When Baby Panda complains about wanting to go to the chocolate festival in Denver and refuses helping Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear with the bunnies, he just angrily walks away but Baby Grizzly doesn't even mention about giving him some space when he's mad and frustrated, he just tells Baby Ice Bear to let him go and for them to catch up with him after.

Cultural References

  • When Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear build a scarecrow to get rid of the crows, the song that plays in the background sounds similar to the song that's from Disney’s Mulan where she runs away from home.


  • When the Baby Bears enter the Bunnies' treehouse and are eating fruit, Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear are seen not wearing anything, but after the Bunnies throw so many flower headbands on Baby Panda, they're seen wearing their flower headbands again.

International Premieres

  • January 15, 2018 (United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • March 5, 2018 (LA)



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