Burger Boy is a fast food restaurant that first appeared in the episode "Primal". It appears later in the episode "$100".


In the episode "Primal", Grizzly was being chased by Ice Bear and Panda, who were in their primal forms. Grizzly had to think quickly, and saw the Burger Boy sign in the distance from a high tree. He figured if he got them some food from Burger Boy, they'd go back to normal. Grizzly drove them in some campers' car to the fast food place in success. The two bears then go back to normal after eating.


  • Veggie Boy Burger
  • Fish Boy Sandwich
  • Double Meaty Patty Boy
  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • It truly made its first appearance in the theme song, much like several other locations.
  • Burger Boy is notorious, at least to Panda, for always putting the right amount of salt on their fries.
  • In "Nom Nom", Nom Nom is briefly seen carrying a Burger Boy cup.
  • It already existed in Mexico in the 80s but its closed until now.

Cultural References

  • The name "Burger Boy" is most likely a reference or parody of the well-known global fast-food franchise, "Burger King."
  • The Burger Boy mascot resembles Big Boy, who is the mascot of the restaurant chain of the same name.
    Dollar 149

    The Burger Boy mascot

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