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The Burrito is, evidently, a giant burrito made by the Mexican-themed restaurant, Purrito. It made its first and only appearance in the titular episode, "Burrito".


It is a large, "bear-sized" burrito, seen for most of the episode wrapped up in tinfoil. Later, when it's struck by lightning, it turns into a black, charred goop.


It was served by a Purrito waiter, as part of their Burrito Challenge. Once the Waiter and two Chefs came out with the burrito, Grizzly had grown an immediate emotional attachment to it. Because of the attachment, he was seemingly obsessed with it in the eyes of the two other Bears. Grizzly ended up dubbing it the "Safe Burrito".

As time went on, the burrito started to rot and gave off a foul odor. This was what drew the line for Panda and Ice Bear, and they ended up kidnapping the burrito in an attempt to snap Grizzly out of his obsessive phase. The whole fiasco was cut short by a lightning strike. It hit the burrito, causing it to explode into a charred muddy muck. The Bears subsequently laughed it off and headed home.

As they headed back to the cave through the forest, Grizzly wondered why he was so obsessed with the burrito, leading to a flashback, thus revealing exactly why he was so attached to it, as he was saved from a tree and held on to a fireman's cuff.


  • Grizzly found comfort in the burrito, as it resembled a Fireman's cuff he had latched onto as a cub as he was being saved from a tree.
  • The burrito's ingredients include meat, cheese, salsa, rice, and various other unnamed ingredients.
  • The burrito is listed as "?!!?!?" on the Burrito Challenge checklist, having no specific name.
    • It is also referred to as "That One" by one of the waitresses.
    • It could be considered a mystery burrito.
  • Grizzly sees the burrito as male, as he refers to it with masculine pronouns, such as "him" when showing offense at Panda for saying it smelled awful.
  • This is the only food in the series so far that wasn't consumed.
  • The burrito had made a cameo in the episode, "More Everyone's Tube", with Grizzly holding a much smaller version of the burrito tightly during the full version of "We'll Be There".

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