California University is a college that made its first appearance in the episode "Chloe".


So far, only a few students that attend the university have been named, them being Chloe, Amy, Tom, Alyssa, and Pedro.


The university is a large building that's painted cherry beige with turquoise roofs. It is a grand building much like the Library, having a large main entrance and several windows. The college grounds outside of the building consist of several trees to the side, a large concrete walkway from the sidewalk to the door with a fountain in the center.


Only a few rooms inside the college grounds have been seen, them being the Auditorium, the Cafeteria, and the outside areas of the college.


The college was first mentioned when the Bears saw Chloe's college card. The college grounds and the Auditorium were later shown when the Bears has delivered Chloe's laptop for her for her presentation. The Auditorium was filled to the brim with students with Chloe's teacher at the front.

My Clique

After an encounter with Amy at the Boba Shop, the Bears wanted to help Chloe make some new friends. Grizzly started by trying to make her gain attention in a bold manner around the college grounds. Panda then, also on the property, tried to get her some friends using a method commonly seen in movies. After Ice Bear's turn, the Bears take Chloe to the cafeteria for lunch. She tried to do all of the three Bears' methods in one, but realized she looked ridiculous after seeing her reflection in a vending machine. She proceeded to try and talk to a group of students at a table, but was deterred at their reaction to her ringtone when it suddenly rang. She subsequently bumped into a student, only to leave for home in embarrassment.


  • The university can be seen in the title card for "Chloe".

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