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The Calzone is an Italian dish that's popular amongst his brothers, the calzones are a food seen being made by Ice Bear. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Food Truck".


The Calzone is shaped like a folded pizza. It resembles a crescent shape and is made of salted bread dough. It can be filled with either cheese or meat. When Ice Bear makes Calzones in Food Truck, he puts sauce, and both cheese and meat.

Food Truck

Ice Bear was making calzones for his family for lunch after they tried the disaster that was the ramen taco. Grizzly and Panda loved the calzones the moment they tried them. Panda brought up an innocent suggestion, saying they were so good that they could sell them, giving Grizzly the idea of opening their own food truck to compete with the other food truck owners.

Though they failed to sell any to any human customers, after feeding one to a raccoon, they managed to make a large sum of money selling them to several woodland animals. However, they were so good that they were dangerous to feed to the wild animals, resulting in tarnishing everyone's food truck success after an aggressive animal takeover.


  • Calzone is the first food that the Bears sells.


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