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Celine is a minor character whom Panda meets on an online dating website. She made her first appearance in the episode "Video Date" and upcoming "We Bare Bears: The Movie" .


She is shown to have short, ginger hair and is seen wearing a blue, striped shirt and pink lipstick. In the Bears' fantasies, she can be seen wearing blue attire, a long skirt with matching flats and long, white socks.

Video Date

Meeting Panda on an online dating website, she was believed to have been French and to live in Paris. After texting Panda for a small bit, she asked if he could video chat. Panda accepted and soon enough, they were video chatting, with the help of Grizzly and Ice Bear. As the date goes on and Panda increasingly becomes nervous, the entire thing becomes too overwhelming for him. Ice Bear ends up painting himself to look like Panda and later that Grizzly was doing the same thing, however he has to bleach himself first.

Ice Bear and Grizzly end up falling in love with Celine and try to take over the entire date, much to Panda's dismay. They end up chasing each other around the house in order to take the laptop, and Celine by extension, for themselves. The date quickly ends once, after returning to the desk, the Bears begin to tussle, all three of them onscreen. After explaining the situation, Celine confessed that she was pretending and that she is not a French woman, but from New Jersey, and explains that when she put in her information signing up, the site auto-corrected Paramus to Paris. She ends up hanging up, canceling the date with Panda, as she doesn't want to get in the way of the Bears' brotherhood.


  • She is the first character in the series to say Ice Bear's name when referring to him.


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