Most of the censorship of We Bare Bears is applied by Turner EMEA & Turner International India (Europe, Middle East, Asia, & Africa). Censorship of the show has been observed in Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America. This censorship mainly occurs due to the differences in television guidelines and culture between the United States and foreign countries.

Notably, a lot of the censorship of this show has been regarding Ice Bear and his fridge as many countries have issues with showing characters inside of refrigerators.


When the pilot was originally released at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, a couple of scenes had to be censored to follow S&P (Standards and Practices).[1]


One of the few photos cut from the Pilot.

  • During the montage sequence where various photos of the bears wrecking the party are shown, the following two were cut:
    • A photo of Ice Bear holding a dead deer while several children cower in terror and
    • A photo of Grizzly messing with a child in a porta-potty.

During the Pilot's international broadcast, many scenes were cut. This censorship included:

We Bare Bears - Uncensored Pilot Scene

We Bare Bears - Uncensored Pilot Scene

Pilot (Arabic) - We Bare Bears

Pilot (Arabic) - We Bare Bears

One of the censored broadcasts of the Pilot.

  • In Europe, the scene where Grizzly rides in on a chair and opens the fridge to reveal Ice Bear was removed.
  • Immediately following that, the scene where Panda is wallowing in grief and singing an off-key song was also cut. It immediately cuts to Grizz banging on the closet door.
  • Most of the conversation between Grizz and Panda through the closet was cut.
    • The scene involving Panda's conversation between Susan and him was completely removed as a result. His phone actually doesn't make a single appearance at all in the censored pilot.
  • Following Grizzly's harmonica imitation, the scene from then to when he throws away Panda's phone was completely cut.
  • During the montage, a moment when Ice Bear is covered with fruit punch was removed, likely because the punch resembled blood.
  • When the ice cream cake is launched into the air, the portion of the song that was recycled from the beginning was removed, leaving only the words "ice cream cake."
  • Near the end, the entire scene where Panda's phone is present was removed entirely.

Season 1

Brother Up

  • After Panda scares off the wolves, the moment where Charlie came out of the bushes and ran towards him was cut, causing it to look as if he came out of nowhere.


CN RSEE - We Bare Bears Censorship - Emergency (S01E18)

CN RSEE - We Bare Bears Censorship - Emergency (S01E18)

Censorship of the episode "Emergency".

  • Near the beginning of the episode, the scene with Grizzly and Panda jumping on top of Ice Bear preceeding Captain Craboo's introduction was cut.
  • At the end of the episode, Grizzly climbing over Ice Bear one last time for a popsicle was also cut. The episode ends with a zoom in on Ice Bear's face.

Video Date

  • The moment we see Ice Bear go to his fridge with Panda's computer has been cut, the scene begins when Ice Bear is already sitting in the fridge and says "wrote poems ..."
  • Panda opening the fridge was also cut. Instead, the scene begins when it already uses the fire extinguisher.
  • The scene where Panda sees the roof of the fridge has been cut.
  • The release of Ice Bear by the roof of the fridge has also been cut, the scene begins when it is already out of the fridge by the roof

Season 2

Nom Nom's Entourage

  • During a video, the short clip of Andy Bangs popping out of a coffin was cut in Europe, most likely due to the morbid nature of the joke.


  • The scene where Grizzly first enters the fridge was cut, causing the scene to start with him already inside.
  • The scene entire 35-second segment where Grizzly finds the glow-stick in the fridge was also removed.

Bear Flu

  • All of the scenes of Ice Bear's fridge opening and closing were removed.
  • The scene where the now sickly Bears start behaving nonsensically and Chloe is holding her head in frustration was cut. This scene instead begins directly when Chloe yells at the three to stop.

Captain Craboo

  • The episode begins with Ice Bear already up.
  • The whole scene where Ice Bear is seen sitting in his fridge was cut in France, in the censored version, he is seen as "standing" (and the scene where he locks himself to sleep is cut too)

The Audition

  • The scene where Grizzly is beating up and destroying a chair was removed in Latin America.

Yuri and the Bear

  • The scene where Yuri taught baby Ice Bear how to hold a knife was censored in India.

Grizz Helps

  • The scenes where the Mad Scientist locks himself and then opens the door of the fridge was cut.


  • Towards the end of the episode, just after Faye says "Do you think we should tell them?", Warren pulls out his knife. This scene was cut, but the sound of his knife can still be heard.

Season 3


The scene where the three baby bears cross the road without looking was cut.

Planet Bears

The scene where Ice Bear gives orange juice to Grizzly has been cut, the orange juice is directly teleported into the legs of Grizzly.

The Nom Nom Show

All the scenes where we can see multiple padlock that closes the submerged box were cut off, the scene where Ice Bear searches for the keys and tries to open the padlocks was also cut.

(the only scenes where we see the padlocks are:

-When Grizz and Panda are trying to free Nom Nom.

-When Ice Bear breaks the box.)

Charlie's Halloween Thing

The scene where Ice Bear locks the plush in the fridge has been cut.

The scene where Ice Bear lights the oven, we see the plush burn alive with the heart that has melted, this scene was cut (the scene begins directly when we see the flames.)

Ice Cave

The scene where Ice Bear looks in the fridge has been shortened (the scene starts live when Ralph begins to appear in the shadows).

The scene where Ralph is touched by the dust of the cheese balls has been cut.


The scene where Panda begins to be cuddled by rabbits saying "Embrace my bosom!" has been cut. (The scene starts straight when he gets lifted by the rabbits.)

Bear Lift

We Bare Bears - Bear Lift - Russian Censorship Comparison

We Bare Bears - Bear Lift - Russian Censorship Comparison

Censorship of the episode "Bear Lift".

The scene where Grizz carries the lesbian couple was replaced with the man standing next to the package longer in Russia (the rest of the bear stack scene is not cut; the audio has not been replaced or cut).

Season 4

I, Butler

The scene where the wild animals come out of the Robot Bear washing machine has been replaced by the washing machine that opens while being empty (but we can hear the sound of the animals coming out of the washing machine).

El Oso

The scene where Knives twirls his knife has been replaced by a non animated image of El Oso, sitting on his chair, his feet on the table (the audio has not been replaced or cut).

Mom App

The scene where Ice Bear and the bears get locked in the fridge to cancel the first mom was cut