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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the character.

Charlie is the 13th episode of the first season of We Bare Bears and the 13th episode overall.[2]


When a Bigfoot named Charlie spends a weekend at the Bears' cave, the houseguest nearly destroys the place.[3]


The episode starts with Panda sleeping in his bed, dreaming about a queen named Lisa. He's soon abruptly awaken by Grizzly and pushed off the bed onto the floor. When he asks why, Grizzly tells him he's making room for their new guest's bed. Ice Bear soon walks into the room wearing a cleaning outfit, saying he woke up with it on. He then asks why and Grizzly explains, while leading them to the laptop, he had found a site called CaveShare where you can invite people to live with you and make money for it. Panda and Ice Bear both voice out their concerns and objections, but Grizzly silences out their complaints when he gets a request on CaveShare from Charlie. Excited, he accepts immediately, Panda slamming the laptop shut and complaining.

Soon after, there's a knock on the door. The Bears answer it but only find a large footprint with no visitor. Panda shrugs it off and goes to check out the window to see if they're outside at all, and is caught off guard when Charlie slams his face into the window to look inside. He then comes around to the door to let himself in, greeting the Bears there. He looks around the house, closing the door and window curtains as he walks by them. Charlie quickly gets on Ice Bear's and Panda's nerves, but Grizzly stays positive. Charlie goes into the kitchen and finds some Cheese Poofies and starts to eat them, but spits them out and asks if he can have some. Grizzly tells him he's welcome to anything and Charlie immediately eats them again. He goes to sit on the couch and wipe his cheesy fingers on a cushion. Grizzly tries to take a picture of him as a memento, but he slaps it out of his hand.

The scene swipes to the Bears and Charlie playing a board game that resembles Monopoly. Charlie, after a prolonged dice roll, rolls the dice and ends up knocking over some of the pieces. He then takes one of Panda's fake money, telling it to say buy to him. Panda asks him where he's from, Charlie becoming unsettled in response. Grizzly then asks him if he has any stories about himself, but Charlie says he doesn't have any. After a short silence, Grizzly says he'll get everyone some pretzels. Charlie shoots up, saying he'll get some for them, but ends up knocking the table over and everything on it, Grizzly saying it was almost dinner anyway. Outside of the cave is a photographer following Charlie's trail, taking a picture of his footprints and the cave before wandering off.

The scene swipes to the four at the table in the kitchen, Charlie telling them a story. Ice Bear had made soup. He spoons some into Charlie's bowl, to which he tries it and comments, though it's good, that it could use some of that cheesy goodness. He sprinkles some of the Cheese Poofy cheese into his bowl of soup, also sprinkling some into the pot of soup and stirring it, much to Ice Bear's dismay. Grizzly proceeds to spoon some soup into his and the others Bears' bowls. While he's talking to Charlie, Panda pulls out his phone and starts to browse on it. When Charlie notices, he slaps his phone into the bowl of soup, shocking everyone.

Charlie and Panda are in Panda's room, Panda sleeping on the floor next to the bed Charlie's sleeping in. Grizzly turns off the lights and leaves the room. Charlie proceeds to talk to an annoyed Panda before going to use the toilet, giving Panda a chance to rest. He soon returns, asking him what to do with a clogged toilet. He goes back to fix it after some silence, and returns asking another question about a clogged toilet, to which Panda doesn't respond again. Charlie decides to soak up the water with Panda's pillow. He eventually returns a soggy pillow to Panda.

It's now morning and the Bears didn't get a good night's rest. Grizzly claims he had trouble sleeping because he kept hearing the toilet flushing. He sees a sleepless and grumpy Panda walk out of his room. Grizzly says he'll make them some coffee as they walk to the living room, only to find Charlie on the couch with the Woodland Creatures by his side. He says he invited some friends, but didn't expect so many to come. Ice Bear walks into the room and shoos them away. Panda gets fed up with Charlie and goes to send him out the door, but comes to find a news broadcasting crew and several photographers right outside their door. Grizzly and Ice Bear go peak out the window where a photographer slams his face to the window, asking them if "he's" there. The Bears don't know what or who he's talking about, so he describes to them an accurate description of Charlie, to which the Bears look to the couch, only to find Charlie gone and a trail of cheesy footprints.

They follow his trail and find Charlie hidden under Panda's bed, surrounded by dolls. Grizzly goes to talk to him and the Bears find out he only came to live with them to avoid the humans who were constantly after him, ruining everything. He felt bad for the trouble he caused and said he'd leave soon. The Bears forgive him and devise a plan to get the humans to leave. They go to the door and outright tell them to leave; that Charlie isn't there. They don't believe him due to the fur, a stench, and the trail of cheesy footprints. Grizzly says that's from Panda's girlfriend Princess, but the humans still don't believe them. Charlie ends up walking into the room with cheese all over his face, a dress, and a mop on his head, asking Panda who the humans were, "babe". They play along with Charlie, talking to the humans. It ends up leading to Panda yelling about why he disliked Charlie and them hugging and crying, causing everyone to leave out of awkwardness.

The scene swipes to the Bears packing Charlie's backpack with the container of Cheese Poofies and saying their parting words, exchanging hugs in the process. Charlie and Panda's is uncomfortable for both, due to their earlier scene. Charlie then leaves the Bears. The episode ends with the Bears closing the door and closing all the windows.






  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Bigfoot, Charlie.
  • So far, this is the third episode that's named after its featuring character, the first being "Chloe" and the second being "Nom Nom".
    • This is also the second episode in the series to be named after its featuring character during their debut, the first being "Chloe".
  • This is the first episode to only have one setting throughout the entire episode, it being The Cave.
  • The Bears are shown to have a photo of Lucy in their home.

Cultural References[]

  • The board game Charlie and the Bears are playing is a parody of Monopoly.


  • The bucket full of cleaning materials Ice Bear was holding towards the end of the episode disappears.
    • Additionally, the glove that was inside the bucket had five fingers on it despite the fact that none of the characters in the series have more than four fingers.

International Premieres[]

  • November 1, 2015 (United Kingdom and Ireland)[4]
  • November 6, 2015 (Turkey)
  • December 11, 2015 (CEE, RSEE, Poland and Benelux)
  • December 19, 2015 (Germany)
  • February 15, 2016 (Latin America and Brazil)



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