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I skipped a couple grades, so the joke's on you!

Chloe Park is a 10-year-old recurring character in We Bare Bears. She is a Korean[3] girl who, in her initial appearance, covertly peregrinated into the Bears' cave to amass information for her college report afore ineluctably befriending them. Chloe skipped Junior High to University, as she is a child prodigy, and is currently studying at the University of California.

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Chloe is a small, young girl with black eyes and dark brown hair styled into a bob cut. She wears maroon glasses, a pale teal blue hoodie, pale brown pants with folded cuffs, white socks, persimmon-red sneakers, and an orchid purple t-shirt (seen in "The Demon"). She is usually seen with a yellow backpack similar to the one the Bears own, which holds her personal possessions. In her debut appearance, she had a faint blush and light reflections in her hair that disappeared by the time of her next appearance.


Chloe is characterized as being affable, intelligent and knowledgeable.

Chloe is a shy, self-reserved girl that enjoys talking and hanging out with the Bears, but is generally socially awkward and has a hard time opening up to other people. Despite this, she is quite open to those she gets to know and has a fun time hanging out with them. She also appears to be incredibly intelligent, as she is a prodigy in college, despite being ten years old.[4] At almost all times, she maintains a strict focus on her class assignments and projects, something best expressed in her introductory episode, "Chloe".

Realistically, though, she still acts childish at times, such as having a big sweet tooth. She can also be impulsive and doesn't always think things through. An example of this is when she climbed into an alligator pit in "Chloe and Ice Bear".


In the episode "Chloe", Chloe is first seen breaking into the Bears' cave with a video camera, documenting their habitat. She looks around, taking note of their diet. She accidentally breaks a twig off Panda's chair. Mentioning he wouldn't notice it. The Bears eventually arrive home and catch her. They tie her to a chair, shining Panda's phone light on her, mimicking an interrogative setting. Chloe's fascinated by Grizzly's poor dental hygiene, taking note of it on her notepad. The Bears go through her book bag and find a bag of Honey Wasabi Gummies and Grizzly tries to eat it with the wrappers on, but fail. She becomes annoyed. The Bears find her identification card trying to pronounce her name. Chloe is embarrassed and flustered and takes her identification card. Chloe unwraps them and politely feeds them to the Bears, to which they demand more. Chloe proposes she'll supply more gummies to the Bears if she were allowed to examine the Bears' daily lives. During her research, as she spends time with the Bears, they develop an open friendship.

Chloe and Ice Bear 011

Chloe making the Bears' lunch.

Chloe finally finishes her report. After checking the time, she hurries out the cave for the last bus, forgetting her laptop. The Bears, upon reading her report, were insulted by the information provided. They rewrite the essay into weird stuff without Chloe's consent. The next day, the Bears drop the laptop off at Chloe's college before her presentation. When Chloe plays her presentation, it ends up being inaccurate and juvenile. Her professor is very displeased and disappointed. To save Chloe's grade from being marked as incomplete, the Bears step up and admit they were the saboteurs. Their presence sparks the interest of the students. They all start asking the Bears various questions about themselves, to which they answer every one of them. Their performance pleased Chloe's professor. Chloe was issued a sufficient grade on her report. She is last seen watching television with the Bears as the episode closes.


Grizzly Bear[]


Chloe scratching Grizzly's back.

Though Grizzly's first impressions of Chloe led her to describe him as having a "surly nature", just like Chloe and the other Bears, they became quite good friends over time. In "Chloe", Chloe hangs out with the Bears to get the chance to study them. As time goes on, the more they hang out together, the more the group begins to grow a bond. When Chloe finishes her report and heads off to her school, almost missing the bus, she ends up forgetting her laptop. Chloe texts the Bears, asking if they'll deliver her laptop to the college and they tell her they will. Out of curiosity, the Bears take a look at the report, feeling insulted at the factual information listed. Grizzly gains the idea to help "fix-up" the project, to which the other two comply. When they deliver the laptop, she soon finds out when she shares her presentation, but the Bears save her from getting an F by admitting what they did and answering questions from her classmates. In "My Clique", Grizzly offered to help Chloe become more socially confident, noticing how shy she was around Amy, one of her classmates. He, along with his brothers, try to teach Chloe various things in an attempt to help her gain confidence, but putting the lessons into action, Chloe ends up embarrassing herself. She ends up explaining to Amy how she felt after the Bears throw a "mature" party for her at their house. When the party is over, she helps the Bears clean up and begins to play charades with Grizzly, the other two joining in.

Panda Bear[]


Panda teaching Chloe a technique in making friends.

Much like his brothers, Panda's relationship with Chloe is explicitly passive, with no particular empathy towards either party. In "Chloe", Panda was submissive during Chloe's research and was often shown getting along with her. Evidently, Panda did confess to sabotaging Chloe's report alongside his brothers and took part in answering student questions to assure she acquired a perfect grade. Alongside Grizzly and Ice Bear, Panda tried to help Chloe become more confident in "My Clique", taking inspiration for his lesson from romance movies. When Chloe put what she learned to the test, she found herself coming across as odd to some of her classmates and left campus grounds, embarrassed. She ends up explaining to Amy how she felt after the Bears throw a "mature" party for her at their house. When the party is over, she helps the Bears clean up and begins to play charades with Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear joining in.

Ice Bear[]

Chloe and Ice Bear 061

Chloe trying to find something Ice Bear will enjoy doing.

First seen breaking into their house for investigation in "Chloe", Ice Bear and his brothers have since befriended her. In "My Clique", he and the other Bears tended to Chloe to help her make friends, with him saying, "Ice Bear will make them love Chloe."[5] The lesson he proceeded to teach her to help her make friends, combined with Panda's and Grizzly's, caused her next attempt at making some friends go awry, and she ended up walking home in embarrassment. In "Chloe and Ice Bear", the two spend some quality time together as Chloe tries to find something Ice Bear finds fun. They end up visiting the Natural Science Museum to see the Albino Alligator exhibit, to which, upon arrival at the exhibit, the museum is closed. When the alligator won't come out, Chloe hops down and tries to lure it out with a sandwich, worrying Ice Bear. He hops in after her and shields her from the alligator when it comes out and stares at them. After all is said and done, the two head home together, tuckered out. The two have since gone on their own adventures, enjoying each other's company and looking out for one another if danger comes around.

Of the three bears, Ice Bear seems to be the closest to Chloe, almost acting as a big brother to her at times.


  • Chloe is a college student and is considered a child prodigy.
    • Despite using the fact she skipped a "few" grades as a means of bragging when the situation inclines her to do so, the label of "prodigy" makes her uncomfortable, as first established in "My Clique". Her professor uses that against her when she had to retake a chemistry test in "Professor Lampwick", all as part of a secret test of character (as well as brilliance) to see if she could work well under pressure.
  • Chloe is one of the few characters to have a first and last name, the others being Ranger Tabes (her first name is "Dana"), Ari Curd, Rebecca Turnman, Saanvi Patel, Barry Charles, Andy Bangs, Kazumi Watanabe, and Keiji Watanabe.
  • She is shown in the opening while Grizzly hands her a book on a shelf that she cannot reach at the library.
  • Chloe has worn glasses since she was a baby.
  • Chloe owns a bike.
  • Chloe attends the University of California, as shown on her college card.
  • Chloe owns a book called Bears of the World.
  • Chloe is voiced by Charlyne Yi, who voices Ruby on Steven Universe, another Cartoon Network original series.
    • Coincidentally, Chloe bears a strong resemblance to her voice actress.
  • Chloe's college card number is: [[1]].
  • Her last name "Park" (밝/박 / 樸/朴) is a common Korean surname which sometimes means "bright," a possible reference to how she has shown to be very intelligent, having entered college before the age of twelve.
  • She is the second original Cartoon Network character to enroll in college at a very young age, the first being Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.
  • In the episode "My Clique", it is shown that she, along with her parents, can speak Korean.
    • She is the first human in the show ever known to have a Korean ethnicity.
    • She is also the second Cartoon Network character overall to have a Korean ethnicity, first being Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time. Ironically, Mrs. Park (Chole's mom) shares the same voice actress with Lady Rainicorn "Niki Yang".[2]
  • She is the first human to enter the Bears' Cave.
  • She was seen with her hood on in "Slumber Party" and "Charlie's Halloween Thing."
  • Chloe gives her sweater away to the dog in the episode "The Demon" but she's still seen wearing her sweater in several episodes.
    • Odds are, she merely got a replacement sweater that looks like it, as she said she would in that same episode
    • Her original sweater was a gift from her parents for her first day of college, which is why she wore it (and it's lookalike replacement) all the time, and why she risked so much trying to get it back from the dog before giving it away to it, knowing it made the dog happy and thus needed it more then she did.
  • Chloe was supposed to be in the episode "Hibernation", but she was cut.
  • Chloe doesn't appear in "Dog Hotel" but is mentioned by Ice Bear and Grizz, who claim that she was out of town.
  • Chloe is sometimes referred to as "Chlo Chlo" by Grizzly.
  • In her first appearance she (slightly) broke Panda's homemade dining room chair and tasted some porridge that Grizzly left out, all in mere moments after first entering the cave. This detail shows that her character was based on the character Goldilocks in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They even have the same amount of syllables in their names.
    • Aside from having different hair colors, the biggest differences between Goldilocks and Chloe Park is that Chloe doesn't even like porridge (she only tasted it to confirm it was porridge to begin with rather then something else) and she shown a sense of responsibility and maturity as she tried to fix the chair she broke, where as Goldilocks ate an entire bowl full of porridge that was "just right" and she left the broken chair as it was and went straight to the bedroom. Another thing that sets them apart is that Chloe actually befriended the three bears she met, while Goldilocks (in most versions of her story, and for many different reasons) didn't.


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