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The College Students are a group of people who go to California University. They made their first appearance in the episode "Chloe", and have also made an appearance in "My Clique".


So far, only a few of the students have been named, them being Chloe, Amy, Tom, Alyssa, Pedro, and Saanvi.


They were seen in a crowd at the building where the students are supposed to give their presentations. Chloe was the first one to step up and present her sabotaged project. After the Bears, hidden in the group of the students, cleared up the issue between Chloe and her teacher, the students proceeded to ask various questions about the Bears.

My Clique[]

They made a more prominent appearance, showing up throughout the episode as the Bears tried to help Chloe make some new friends. Chloe had made some personal interactions with the students, namely Amy and her friends.


  • When Chloe bumps into a student in the cafeteria, the student's nostril disappears for a frame.

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