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The Commercial Crew are a group of minor characters who were seen shooting a commercial for the Pet Shoppe. So far, only five people have been seen working on the crew. They made their first appearance in the episode "Pet Shop". The director makes a second reappearance in "Grizzly the Movie".


The director is rather chubby. She has long, curly black hair and tan skin. She's seen wearing slate jeans, an olive-green t-shirt, a golden wrist-watch, gold earrings, and a slate cap.

The man that appears to be assistant director, has dark skin and black hair. He's seen wearing khaki jeans, a yellow shirt, and an orange cap. He's also seen holding a clipboard.

The camera operator has relatively pale skin. He has ginger hair and a beard. He's seen wearing pants similar to those of the assistant director's, a green t-shirt with a chest-pocket, a black wrist-watch and a dark slate cap.

The key makeup person has short, wavy, dark brown hair, and has dark skin. She's seen wearing a white, short-sleeve shirt, blue jeans and pink lipstick. She also has freckles.

The key hairdresser has dark tan skin and dark brown hair. He's seen wearing a light-blue, short-sleeve t-shirt and a blue cap.

Pet Shop[]

The crew was shooting a commercial to advertise the pet store the baby Bears had been put in. They used props such as ears and makeup to make the Bears appear to be either a puppies or kittens. Complications happened with the shooting, as the Bears either refused to act in accordance with the director's instructions or tried to do it their own way.

Grizzly the Movie[]


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