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Cory (or Coupon Cory) is the antagonist of the episode "$100". He worked delivering coupons to people, and became friends with the Bears, visiting them and giving them coupons that no one else wanted.

On one visit he realized that the cubs had found a one hundred dollar bill, which they were "raising" as their "child," which they called Hundy. He tells the bears to be careful with their Hundy, then comes back at night to try and steal it. He wakes the bears up in the process and they chase him, leading to Panda getting minorly injured as Cory threw things to stop their pursuit. He gets arrested at the end, with the cubs speculating whether he'll get life in prison.


Cory is a teenager with black hair and black eyes. He wears a red cap worn backwards, a white t-shirt over a teal long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, and he also carries around a brown satchel to carry the coupons he delivers. When he robbed the bear cubs, he still wore his jeans, sneakers, and satchel but he also wore a gray hoodie and ski mask.


Coupon Cory is a lying and cheating man who steals the cubs' "Hundy." He initially behaves friendly towards the cubs, but as soon as he realizes the bears have something he wants (this being the titular $100) he turns his back on them, seemingly without a second thought for this betrayal.


He became friends with the cubs while they were living in an improvised shelter in an inner city alleyway, visiting them regularly to give them coupons that he couldn't give away to anyone else. He tries to steal the bears' "Hundy" and ends up arrested for it. His earlier life is unknown, as is what happened after his arrest. Considering his crimes in the episode amount to nothing more than petty theft and assault, it's unlikely he spent more than a single year in jail.


  • He always wears a red cap but not when he's a thief or a burglar.


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