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Crowbar Jones is a series of amateur films created by Grizzly Bear. The series was introduced in the episode "Rooms".


Crowbar Jones: The Reckoning

Crowbar Jones and his sidekick, Pando, have to stop an army of robot snakes from destroying the world.

Crowbar Jones 2: Another Reckoning

Crowbar Jones goes on a mission to rescue the president (as he was replaced by a "Danger Bot"), and discovers "they're" mixing robot DNA with Ninja DNA. The ending is portrayed physically with Panda as Pando, Grizz as Crowbar Jones, and Ice Bear as the Robot Ninja.

Crowbar Jones: Origins

This installment tells the story of the Origins of Crowbar Jones. We come to find how Crowbar Jones became a super spy, his quarrels with Doctor Destructo, and how he meats Pando.




  • All credits goes to Grizzly Bear, but in "Crowbar Jones: Origins", Nom Nom becomes in the executive producer.
  • It's the first time we seen Pando in the Crowbar Jones: The Reckoning.
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