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The Cupcake Shop Proprietor is a minor character whom manages the Cupcake Shop. He made his first and only appearance in the episode "Cupcake Job".


He has tan skin and white hair, a tuft of his hair curling upwards. He also has a mustache of the same color. The proprietor is seen wearing spectacles and corporate casual attire.

Cupcake Job[]

After the Bears find their laptop broken and find they have no money to fix it, they decide to look for a job, to which they are hired to help out around the Cupcake Shop by the proprietor. He gives them a quick run-down of their individual jobs, which include Grizzly as cupcake ATM machine helper, Panda as cupcake assembler, and inexplicably, the Ice Bear as cupcake mascot, before setting them to work. It's not even a day before things go wrong on the job, albeit not entirely through their fault, and the customers form an angry mob. After the manager finds this out, he angrily fires them on the spot.

Thankfully, Ice Bear managed to gain a hat-full of money from a small escapade he had in the fountain.

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