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Darrell Saragosa is a minor character who made his debut appearance in the episode "Losing Ice". He's shown to work at a small shop that sells computer mouse pads. Darrell was arrested for misconduct following the events of "Losing Ice" as he helped bring the Bears back together, but was released sometime before the events of his reappearance in "Bear Lift".

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Darrell has short, dark brown hair and thick, fluffy eyebrows. He has whiskers along his upper lip and wears a pair of flat-top glasses. He's seen wearing a fern-green collared shirt, a pair of jeans and white tennis shoes. He's also initially seen with a name-tag from his workplace, Super Rad Mouse Pads, bearing his name. He's rather chubby and has a brown complexion.

In the flashback scene of "Bear Lift", it is shown Darrell used to have an afro.


Darrell is rather easy-going and kind-hearted. In his debut, does his best to be a good brother for Grizzly and Panda, and after finding out the situation between them and Ice Bear, he risks his freedom just to get them reunited. Though being a rather tolerant person, like all people, he has a breaking point.

After being pushed around and disrespected too much, he ended up leaving Grizzly and Panda. The three eventually made up, but Darrell reminded them there was someone more important they should be apologizing to. He helps the two make their way to the airport so they can apologize to their little brother, Ice Bear.

Darrell has a habit of talking to himself at times, usually when he is happy about accomplishing something or when he is assuring himself that things are going to be okay.

Darrell often has a positive, cheerful attitude, even in times when things aren't going so well for him. This is proven in "Bear Lift", when Darrell remained positive and upbeat despite the fact that his mouse pad store was on the brink of closing.

Despite this, he can also be worrisome and panicky at times, as shown in "Best Bears", when he panics about not having enough time to get the cake, wedding rings, or vows for his and Sofia's wedding, due to him mixing up the schedule with the alarm on his new phone. Similarly, in the same episode, he is also proven to be quite nervous at times about such issues as getting married to someone who is much more talented than him, in this case Sofia. This often makes him want to hide in complete fear as a result. Fortunately, Darrell was able get over this fear, not with some encouragement from the Bears, but also after Sofia rescued him from falling off the church steeple with her "Sofia Wings", which Darrell had earlier suggested she create in a way that combines her two favorite hobbies: hang gliding and fashion.

Darrel can be also defensive of others (Or at least he tries to), as shown in "We Bare Bears: The Movie", when he warns Agent Trout not to harm the Bears when they are arrested for their actions, or else he would write a serious letter to his senator, although he did so in a way in which he is unsure what to say about the matter, or at least in front of an authoritarian figure.


  • Darrell is the third recurring human character in the show to wear glasses, with the first being Chloe Park and the second being Richard Park. He is also the second recurring human male character to wear glasses, with Richard Park being the first.
  • Darrell's favorite hobby is collecting rocks.
  • Despite Darrell being arrested on his debut episode Losing Ice he reappeared in Season 3, and onwards.
  • Darrell briefly mentions that most of the cooking done is by his grandmother, Emma Saragosa, when asked if he can cook. This suggests that he may live with her rather than on his own. This was later confirmed by Darrell himself in "Best Bears".
  • He is shown to be surprisingly good at running on all fours.
    • Darrell was also shown to support Grizzly and Panda's weight on his back when off to get their younger brother Ice Bear at the airport. Attempting this in real life would be impossible.
  • Darrell is of Hispanic descent, as confirmed by Daniel Chong.
  • As of the episode "Best Bears", Darrell is married to Sofia.
    • In the same episode, he is revealed to be 39 years old.
  • In the episode "Dog Hotel", Darrell is mentioned as having appeared in Grizzly's dream.
  • Darrell original had a flip phone, as shown in "Bear Lift", but he soon got a new phone sometime before the events of "Best Bears".
  • In "We Bare Bears: The Movie", Darrell mentions that he has a senator.


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