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Darrell Zaragosa is a recurring character and made his debut appearance in the episode "Losing Ice". He's shown to work at a small shop that sells computer mouse pads. Darrell was arrested for misconduct following the events of "Losing Ice" as he helped bring the Bears back together.

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Darrell has short, dark brown hair and thick, fluffy eyebrows. He has whiskers along his upper lip and wears a pair of flat-top glasses. He's seen wearing a fern-green collared shirt, a pair of jeans and white tennis shoes. He's also initially seen with a name-tag from his workplace, Super Rad Mouse Pads, bearing his name. He's rather chubby and has a brown complexion.


Darrell is rather easy-going and kind-hearted. He does his best to be a good brother for Grizzly and Panda, and after finding out the situation between them and Ice Bear, he risks his freedom just to get them reunited. Though being a rather tolerant person, like all people, he has a breaking point.

After being pushed around and disrespected too much, he ended up leaving Grizzly and Panda. The three eventually made up, but Darrell reminded them there was someone more important they should be apologizing to. He helps the two make their way to the airport so they can apologize to their little brother, Ice Bear.


  • Darrell's favorite hobby is collecting rocks.
  • When attempting to cook for Grizzly and Panda, Darrell briefly mentions that most of the cooking done is by his grandmother, Emma Zaragosa, when asked if he can cook. This suggests that he may live with her rather than on his own.
  • He is shown to be surprisingly good at running on all fours.
    • Darrell was also shown to support Grizz and Panda's weight on his back when off to get their younger brother Ice Bear at the airport. Attempting this in real life would be impossible.
  • At the end of the episode "Losing Ice", he is arrested for misbehaving at the airport. He was released after an unknown amount of time.
  • As of the episode "Best Bears", Darrell is married to Sofia.
  • In the episode "Dog Hotel", Darrell is mentioned as having appeared in Grizz’s dream.


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