The Decision-Machine is a spinner owned by Grizzly. The Decision-Machine is notably skewed in Grizzly's favor, despite him claiming otherwise. As a result, both Panda and Ice Bear show great dislike towards it. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Jean Jacket".


The Decision Machine is a white piece of paper with a circle in the center. The circle is divided into three parts: A large green section that has "Grizzly!!" written on it, a smaller pink section that says "Pan Man", and an even smaller section that is light blue and says "Ice" on it. In the middle of the circle, there is a red arrow-shaped spinner.

The top of the paper has "Decision-Machine" written on the top in red. Outside of the circle, there are many yellow stars, pink hearts, and emoticons which are scattered around the paper.

Jean Jacket

The Decision Machine was used to make decisions for the three Bears, helping them decide which one of them should wear the lucky but cursed Jean Jacket. Due to it's unfairness and inaccuracy, Grizz got to keep the jacket first.


  • The Decision-Machine was found under a couch cushion in the episode "Jean Jacket".
    • Both from the location of the machine and the Bears' reaction to it, it's implied they've used it several times before.
  • The Decision-Machine bears bias towards Grizzly, as, instead of being divided equally, Grizzly's space is much larger than Panda's or Ice Bear's.
    • The divisions of the chart, much like the Bear Stack, are sized in correspondence to the Bears' age; Grizzly being the oldest, Panda being in the middle, and Ice Bear being the youngest.

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