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Demon is a dog who is owned by Mr. Sacher. He made his first appearance in "The Demon". The dog has become something of a legend to Chloe and the neighborhood kids, but not for a good reason. This is mostly due to his grumpy and cantankerous behavior. He also has a habit of tearing up things that get into Mr. Sacher's yard, such as Chloe's baseball and her stuffed animal.

Despite this, Mr. Sacher does clearly love his dog and has many photos of him. But they're all mostly blurry because he would never sit still. One day, Chloe loses her hoodie over the yard and sees that Demon has taken into the house. Not intimidated by her stories, Ice Bear decides to go over the fence to get it.

But he soon sees why Chloe's afraid, as the dog attempts to attack them. The two sneak into Mr. Sacher's house to find her hoodie, though Demon is almost right behind them during this. They spend most of their time trying to avoid him and his attempts at attacks. Chloe would eventually find her hoodie and overjoyed to find the dog didn't destroy it.

They at first attempt to escape by locking him in the closet. But as they make it into the yard, he catches up with them. Ice Bear puts him in Chloe's hoodie to stop him from attacking her. Around the same time, Mr. Sacher comes and demands to know his dog's whereabouts. To which Demon runs to him and for the first time, acts like a friendly puppy.

Licking his face and letting Mr. Sacher hug him, all deduce that the hoodie seems to make him happier. Chloe then decides to let Demon keep hers and decides to get another one. Mr. Sacher then decides to take a photo, since it seems Demon will sit still, and invites Ice Bear and Chloe into the picture. The episode ends with Chloe and Ice Bear, spending the whole day with a much friendlier Demon

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