The Diner is, evidently, a diner located in San Francisco, California. It made its first appearance in the episode "Our Stuff".

It also appeared in the episode "Chloe and Ice Bear".



It is a fairly small building, having large windows all around and two glass doors in the front. The walls are painted white with red vertical stripes. It also has a large brown roof. A white sign protruding from the building's side reads, in red letters, "246", whilst a beige sign on top of the diner reads, in neon letters, "Diner". It also has an open sign inside its front window, the letters also made with neon lights.


The inside is also quite small. The walls are painted a friendly green while the chairs in the booths are red, each pair of chairs surrounding a brown table. The interior gives off a friendly feel.

Our Stuff

The Bears had gone to the diner in order to devise a plan of locating and taking back their stuff. They were promptly kicked out by the Waitress as they hadn't ordered anything other than water for Ice Bear.

Chloe and Ice Bear

In an attempt to cheer Ice Bear up, Chloe decided to take him to the diner, Chloe ordering a waffle while Ice Bear got warm water. Things were quite awkward until they began stacking syrup cups up into a tower together. It ended up falling as Chloe put on the final cup.


The diner is known to serve various foods, including breakfast items like waffles and pancakes.

Cultural References

  • The diner may be a reference to the various diners across the United States, one of them being iHop.

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