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Dr. Decker is a pediatrician, a health practitioner who specializes in children and their diseases. She made her first and only appearance in the episode "Bear Cleanse".


She has long, brunette hair with her bangs swept to the side. She's seen wearing square glasses with red frames. She's seen wearing an aqua polo, long, livid blue jeans, a white lab coat, and she seems to sport a pair of brown Oxfords.

Bear Cleanse[]

At the hospital, the Bears are getting examined by Dr. Decker. After doing a physical exam, she puts the three on a cleanse. They're instructed to eat what their species of bear eats and avoid eating human food for 21 days. Grizzly has to eat fish and berries, Panda has to eat bamboo, and Ice Bear has to eat seals.

Later, after Grizzly is frustrated upon the revelation that he can't eat any human foods at all, he ends up falling asleep in his room. During a nightmare, after talking to a banana, a sunny-side egg and a burger, Grizzly hugs them. A hole is then made in the roof by a giant Dr. Decker as she angrily peaks inside, catching Grizzly in the act. He tries to tell her it's not what it looks like and that he hadn't eaten any snacks all day, but she doesn't believe him. She proceeds to suck up the three foods and swallow them. After eating them, she then pulls out Panda's phone, showing an image of Panda and his bamboo with 100 likes. This causes Grizzly to wake up.

Soon later, after a fiasco between Panda and Grizzly over a piece of chocolate cake, Panda ends up getting injured.

Panda and Grizzly have now to Dr. Decker's office where the doctor tells them Panda had fractured his sternum, scapula, and left tibia and that he should be healed within a few months. She also explains to them that they don't need to do the full cleanse. She says them moderating their intake of foods is a good goal to shoot for for now. Dr. Decker proceeds to ask them about Ice Bear's diet, but they have no idea.


  • Although she works as a pediatrician, Dr. Decker clearly had some experience as an exotic vetrinarian, on account that she also does medical work on sentient animals, especially the bears.
  • She was intended to be the doctor in the episode "Bear Flu", but for reasons yet to be explained, her role in that episode was covered by another medical practitioner, Dr. Sun.
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