An Epipen (a.k.a, an "Epinephrine Auto-Injector") is a tool used to inject measured doses of epinephrine. It's seen in the show to fight anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction).

So far, it has appeared in the episodes: "Panda's Date", and "Lucy's Brother".


An EpiPen is red on the front, and there is a dark green arrow pointing at the red cone-looking top. An EpiPen is also blue on the back, but most of the color is chartreuse and white on the EpiPen.

Panda's Date

When Panda accidentally ate peanut-filled cookies offered by the Nut Shack, his face began to swell up as he was experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Grizzly and Ice Bear were looking for help when Lucy jumped in to save Panda with her EpiPen.

Lucy's Brother

When Clifford was exposed to peanut butter, he went into anaphylaxis and needed to be injected with an EpiPen. Panda was also experiencing a severe allergic reaction (Panda is also allergic to peanuts) and risked himself just to save Clifford by using the spare EpiPen from Clifford's bag.

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