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The following is a list of We Bare Bears episodes and shorts.

Series Overview[]

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
Pilot November 6, 2014 (KLIK! Festival)
August 26, 2015 (UK and Ireland)
1 26 July 27, 2015 (Our Stuff) February 11, 2016 (Charlie Ball)
2 26 February 25, 2016 (Yard Sale) April 11, 2017 (Neighbors)
3 44 April 3, 2017 (Grizzly the Movie) February 16, 2018 (Baby Bears Can't Jump)
4 44 July 30, 2018 (Go Fish) May 27, 2019 (Panda's Birthday)
Film June 30, 2020

(We Bare Bears: The Movie; Digital)
September 7, 2020 (We Bare Bears: The Movie; Television)

We Baby Bears Season 1: 40 January 1, 2022 (The Magical Box) May 13, 2023 (Little Fallen Star)
We Baby Bears Season 2: TBA June 17, 2023 (The Big Wish) TBA (TBA)
Shorts 15 July 6, 2015 (Bear Cleaning) April 27, 2017 (The Cave)


Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
Pilotcard We Bare Bears November 6, 2014 (KLIK! Festival)
August 26, 2015 (UK and Ireland)
Grizz and Ice Bear help Panda after his Internet girlfriend breaks up with him by taking him out for ice cream, running into a child's birthday party along the way. Grizz convinces his brothers to join the party, but the three have trouble fitting in.

We Bare Bears[]

Season 1[]

No. Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 Stuffies Our Stuff July 27, 2015 1033-003
After playing "pickup" basketball, the Bears discover their stuff is gone, so they go in search of the thief that stole the stuff, but they end up uncovering a bigger crime.
2 Virol videa Viral Video July 27, 2015 1033-002
The Bears believe they can make a viral video, but Nom Nom disagrees.
3 Food Truck Title Food Truck July 28, 2015 1033-009
When local food options disappoint the Bears, they open a food truck.
4 Afa39bdf4d16ff265500ec56a2e905f5 Chloe July 29, 2015 1033-004
Chloe spends time with the Bears to research them for a presentation.
5 Pandas Date Title Panda's Date July 30, 2015 1033-005
After being rescued at a farmer's market, Panda believes he has found the woman of his dreams.
6 Everyday Bears Title Everyday Bears July 31, 2015 1033-011
Ice fights with a Roomba; a mouse invades Panda's room; Grizz gets stuck in a tree.
7 Burritotitle Burrito August 6, 2015 1033-006
Grizz cannot bring himself to eat the masterpiece of a "Bear-Sized Burrito", so he brings it with him everywhere.
8 Primal Primal August 13, 2015 1033-010
Grizz takes the Bears out into the woods and misleads them so they get lost to test their survival skills.
9 Jeanjackettitle Jean Jacket August 20, 2015 1033-008
After finding a bedazzled jean jacket in a dumpster, the Bears fight over who gets to wear the "lucky" garment.
10 Nomnomtitle Nom Nom August 27, 2015 1033-012
After a recent meltdown, a bedraggled Nom Nom asks the Bears to help him regain his spot as "cutest Internet star".
11 Shushninjas Shush Ninjas September 3, 2015 1033-014
Tired of the decay of etiquette in movie theaters, the Bears decide to shush people who ruin movies for others.
12 Myclique My Clique September 10, 2015 1033-016
Chloe has a hard time connecting with her classmates, so the Bears show her how to make college friends.
13 Charlietitle Charlie September 17, 2015 1033-007
When a Bigfoot named Charlie spends a weekend at the Bears' house, the houseguest nearly destroys the place.
14 Brotherup Brother Up October 12, 2015 1033-020
When Panda scares away a pack of wolves, the hierarchy of the Bears is disrupted, and emotional Panda becomes the leader.
15 H6wyk2x Occupy Bears October 13, 2015 1033-025
The Bears' cave comes under threat when the city plans to destroy it and they must fight to protect it.
16 Pandasneeze Panda's Sneeze October 14, 2015 1033-019
Panda becomes a cute sensation when a Vine video of his very cute sneeze goes viral.
17 Bigroad The Road October 15, 2015 1033-013
The Bears flashback to a time when they were cubs and discovered a giant warehouse.
18 Emergencyemergency Emergency October 16, 2015 1033-017
Grizz brings home a crab, which pinches Ice Bear's ear and results in a trip to the hospital.
19 Tote Life Title Card Tote Life November 2, 2015 1033-021
When a hipster grocery store clerk shames the Bears for asking for plastic grocery bags, the Bears realize that eco-friendly tote bags are their way of gaining acceptance amongst the progressive people of the Bay Area. But in their effort to gain popularity, the Bears let the culture of tote bags take over their lives.
20 Cats Charlie and the Snake November 3, 2015 TBA
Charlie is a lone wolf who, like the Bears, would love to find a place for himself in the world. In an effort to do so, Charlie throws a party, but ends up going on an adventure with the unlikeliest of animals, a wild snake
21 Vidyadate Video Date November 4, 2015 TBA
Panda is an avid e-dater, and when a lovely French woman matches with him and agrees to a video chat date, Panda and his brothers engineer the situation so Panda is able to show the best side of himself on the video chat, even if that side of him is completely exaggerated.
22 Pet Shop title Pet Shop November 5, 2015 1033-015
Pet Shop tells the tale of where the Baby Bears once lived, and after a run-in with a video crew shooting a Sarah McLachlan-type animal adoption video, almost seized an opportunity to find a home separated from each other.
23 Chloe and Ice Bear Chloe and Ice Bear November 6, 2015 1033-023
On a day out with just Ice Bear, Chloe realizes Ice Bear only runs errands for his brothers. Determined to show him a fun day in the city, Chloe promises to help Ice Bear have a good time, even if it means staying in a museum after it closes.
24 Cupcake Job Cupcake Job November 12, 2015 1033-018
When the Bears’ beloved laptop breaks, they finally have the need to do something they’ve never done before: get jobs. Working at a trendy cupcake shop, the Bears find that the working world is much tougher than they realized.
25 Hibernation Hibernation November 19, 2015 TBA
The Bears, being an urban bunch, hadn’t ever heard of the idea of hibernation until Grizz finds it in a book. Grizz then gets the idea to eat a ton and then just sleep to his heart’s content. But Grizz is so excited for hibernating… that he can’t fall asleep.
26 Charlie ball Charlie Ball February 11, 2016 TBA
The Bears invite Charlie to be on their team after Panda gets hurt; Charlie ruins the fun of the game.

Season 2[]

No. Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
27 Yardsaletitlecard Yard Sale February 25, 2016 TBA
The Bears visit a yard sale and buy offbeat items.
28 SlumberpartyTITLECARD Slumber Party March 3, 2016 TBA
A thunderstorm moves in and makes Chloe stay with the Bears for a night and they go a little too far to protect her.
29 Not your fixerupper Bear Cleanse March 10, 2016 TBA
The Bears try a "cleanse" to improve their health, but Grizz runs into trouble when he realizes he can only eat what grizzly bears eat.
30 Nne Nom Nom's Entourage March 17, 2016 TBA
Nom Nom recruits the bears to act as his entourage of friends, but the bears quickly realize that Nom Nom does not understand friendship.
31 Rangertabestitlecard Ranger Tabes March 31, 2016 1039-033
In order to locate a missing package, the bears seek help from Ranger Tabes, who has an overbearing sense of justice.
32 Roomz Rooms April 21, 2016 TBA
The Bears switch bedrooms to see each other's living areas.
33 Iceislost Losing Ice April 28, 2016 TBA
Ice Bear becomes a chef at a restaurant, leaving Grizz and Panda to find a replacement.
34 Cellie Cellie May 5, 2016 TBA
Fed up with sharing, Panda forbids his brothers from using his cellphone any longer. But when the brothers get their own super advanced smartphones, Panda starts to succumb to crippling jealousy.
35 Fb Fashion Bears June 30, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

August 1, 2016 (TV)

In order to abide by the clothing policy of their favorite Boba shop, the bears get some new outfits. But with new looks come new lives including office work, fashion modeling and even falling in love.
36 Islanders The Island July 8, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

August 2, 2016 (TV)

While trying to sail to Japan, the baby bears get stranded on an island. Luckily, they meet Dave and Karla, who help with survival on the island while looking for an escape.
37 Getdownwiththesickness Bear Flu July 15, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

August 3, 2016 (TV)

The bears become terribly ill and Chloe takes it upon herself to take care of them. But things get tricky when word of the bears’ sickness goes viral.
38 Caw Chicken and Waffles August 4, 2016 TBA
Panda needs to meet his bros at the hottest restaurant in town, but loses his contacts and can’t see how to get into the city.
39 Audition The Audition July 22, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

August 5, 2016 (TV)

The bears audition to be the next mascot for their favorite cereal. They get so caught up in the process that their competitiveness gets the best of them.
40/41 Capitan Captain Craboo September 5, 2016 TBA
The Bears are reunited with their pet crab, Captain Craboo. But after an unfortunate run-in with Nom Nom, the Bears may lose their pet forever.
42 Bboap Baby Bears on a Plane June 30, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

October 6, 2016 (TV)

While aboard a plane to Sweden, the baby bears are forced to sit in different sections, and things get crazy for all of the passengers.
43 Yatb Yuri and the Bear October 13, 2016 TBA
While living alone in the Arctic, baby Ice Bear meets a mysterious man who helps him survive the frigid environment.
44 In Icy Nights October 20, 2016 TBA
Ice Bear's custom vacuum mobile gets stolen by a gang of techies, and he must navigate the city's underground world in order to retrieve it.
45 Et Everyone's Tube October 27, 2016 TBA
An anonymous user watches a variety of videos uploaded by The Bears in a compilation style, and viewers see videos the bears have uploaded.
46 CM Creature Mysteries November 3, 2016 TBA
Ranger Tabes tells the Bears she’s been investigating a mysterious creature. When the Bears realize she’s actually investigating their friend Charlie, they split up to ensure Charlie’s safety.
47 Library The Library November 10, 2016 TBA
The Bears help Chloe study for an exam, but accidentally make things harder for her.
48 221title Grizz Helps November 17, 2016 TBA
Grizz leaves the cave to assist anyone he can in the city.
49 222title Christmas Parties December 1, 2016 TBA
The bears want to attend Nom Nom's star-studded bash, but must first attend the parties of their other friends.
50 Subway title Subway December 4, 2016 (VOD/CN app)

April 4, 2017 (TV)

The Bears are stranded on a subway platform after missing their train. But while waiting, the Bears are challenged with recovering some lost items.
51 Pandas Friend Title Panda's Friend December 11, 2016 (Korea)

April 6, 2017 (US)

Panda uses an app to find a friend with whom he has more in common, but things take a turn for the worse when the new friend gets too possessive.
52 Wus poppin jimbo Neighbors April 11, 2017 TBA
Some new neighbors set up camp next to the Bears' cave. Panda and Ice love it, but Grizz thinks they're up to no good.

Season 3[]

No. Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
53 Grizzly The Movie Grizzly the Movie April 3, 2017 TBA
Grizz gets cast in a movie about a grizzly bear, but soon realizes the movie's depiction of grizzly bears is not what he had in mind.
54 Anger Management Anger Management April 5, 2017 TBA
Nom Nom must complete anger management in order to keep his career and fame.
55 Holla holla i got a dolla $100 April 10, 2017 TBA
The Baby Bears' dreams come true when they discover a $100 bill; when they can't bear to spend it, they have difficulty letting go.
56 Professor Lampwick Professor Lampwick April 12, 2017 TBA
Chloe’s professor is too mean to give her any face time to talk over her poor grade. The Bears take things into their own hands to help, causing big trouble for Chloe.
57 Wreck it ralph Ralph April 13, 2017 TBA
Charlie meets a creature just like him named Ralph, but the Bears think Ralph is bad news.
58 Natgeowild Planet Bears April 17, 2017 TBA
A nature documentary follows the Bears through their normal routine, which includes a trip to the grocery store.
59 Coffee gremlins Coffee Cave April 18, 2017 TBA
When they learn that Ice Bear is a talented barista, the Bears turn the cave into a popular coffee shop.
60 Charlies Big Foot Title Charlie's Big Foot April 19, 2017 TBA
After Charlie hurts his foot, The Bears have to sneak him into a hospital for medical assistance.
61 The studio ghibli film that everyone loves The Demon April 20, 2017 TBA
When Chloe and Ice Bear lose her prized sweater to the dog next door, they set out on a mission to retrieve it.
62 Pandas Art Title Panda's Art April 24, 2017 TBA
Panda paints a picture of Charlie that gains notoriety, and when an art dealer makes an offer, Panda must get the painting from Charlie.
63 Poppy Rangers Title Poppy Rangers April 25, 2017 TBA
Ranger Tabes leads a troop of young girls into a cave expedition, and brings Grizz as their cave expert.
64 Lucys Brother Title Lucy's Brother April 26, 2017 TBA
To impress Lucy, Panda offers to babysit her brother, Clifford. But Clifford turns out to be too high maintenance for Panda to handle.
65 The Fair Title The Fair August 7, 2017 TBA
The baby bears become prizes for a carnival game in hopes of being won and taken to a new home.
66 Private Lake Title Private Lake August 8, 2017 TBA
When the local lake is overcrowded with tourists, the Bears have fun at Charlie's private lake.
67 Lunch with Tabes Title Lunch with Tabes August 9, 2017 TBA
The Bears have lunch with Ranger Tabes, but when a mystery presents itself, Tabes goes into full on detective mode to find the culprit.
68 Road Trip Title Road Trip August 10, 2017 TBA
Chloe and the Bears take a road trip to see a meteor shower, but Ice Bear needs to drive because he's the only one with a license.
69 Summer Love Title Summer Love August 11, 2017 TBA
Panda goes on a mission to return a lost phone to the girl of his dreams.
70 The Kitty Title The Kitty September 1, 2017 TBA
The Bears adopt a kitten only to find it's a cougar cub.
71 Crowbar Jones Crowbar Jones September 1, 2017 TBA
Grizz screens an epic amateur movie he just made for a focus group, but when he notices people are leaving he must figure out ways to keep the audience engaged.
72 Kylee Kyle September 8, 2017 TBA
Nom Nom is reunited with his long lost brother, Kyle.
73 Citizen Tabes Title Citizen Tabes September 15, 2017 TBA
After accidentally wounding an animal, Ranger Tabes quits her job, and the Bears do what they can to coax her out of retirement.
74 Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons September 22, 2017 TBA
Panda volunteers to be Lucy's partner for a dance contest, but Panda doesn't have the heart to tell Lucy that she's a terrible dancer.
75 Icy Nights II Icy Nights II September 29, 2017 TBA
Ice Bear goes on a late-night adventure to rescue his friend, Yana, from some familiar foes.
76 Dog Hotel Dog Hotel October 6, 2017 TBA
With no place to stay while their cave gets fumigated, the Bears book a night at a hotel for dogs.
77 Bear Lift Bear Lift October 13, 2017 TBA
To help raise money to save Darrell's store, the Bears use the stack as a taxi through a ride share app.
78 The Nom Nom Show The Nom Nom Show October 13, 2017 TBA
Things go awry while Nom Nom shoots his TV show; the Bears offer to help and appear on the show.
79 Ice Cave Ice Cave October 20, 2017 TBA
Ralph takes over the cave, turning it into a snowy fortress where he reigns as king over the Bears and Charlie.
80 Spa Day Spa Day October 20, 2017 TBA
The Bears go to the spa and Grizz tries to get everything out of it; Panda gets trapped in the steam room with an old man, and Ice Bear plays ping pong.
81 Charlie's Halloween Thing Charlie's Halloween Thing October 27, 2017 TBA
Charlie hosts an evening of scary stories, each of them starring the Bears.
82 Bunnies Bunnies November 3, 2017 TBA
The baby bears meet a group of helpless bunnies. When they find out the bunnies live in fear of vicious crows, the Bears decide to become heroes and help out.
83 Pigeons Pigeons November 3, 2017 TBA
Grizz becomes friendly with a flock of pigeons.
84 Panda 2 Panda 2 November 10, 2017 TBA
Baby Panda happily lives in a closed off environment for study, but when he's given a new friend, Panda 2, his world view is shaken, which sets him off on a great adventure.
85 Tubin' Tubin' November 10, 2017 TBA
In search of some adventure, the Bears ride a tube down a dangerous river.
86 Lazer Royale Lazer Royale November 17, 2017 TBA
The baby bears sign up for a game of laser tag in hopes of winning some ice cream, but the round of laser tag turns out to be less of a game and more of a war zone.
87 Ranger Games Ranger Games November 17, 2017 TBA
Grizz helps Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers play a game of kickball against their rivals.
88 The Perfect Tree The Perfect Tree December 1, 2017 TBA
Chloe and Ice Bear look for the perfect Christmas Tree.
89 Bearz II Men Bearz II Men January 5, 2018 TBA
The Baby Bears help a teenager accomplish his dream of being a famous singer.
90 Bro Brawl Bro Brawl January 5, 2018 TBA
The Bears participate in a brother-themed game show against Panda's ex-BFF, Tom, and his roommates.
91 Hurricane Hal Hurricane Hal January 12, 2018 TBA
A storm rolls in while The Bears are separated. Grizz looks after the Poppy Rangers. Panda is stuck with Charlie in his car. And Chloe and Ice Bear are in the city seeking a ride home.
92 Vacation Vacation January 19, 2018 TBA
Nom Nom is ordered by his doctor to take a vacation. But he's paired with an unlikely travel buddy: Grizz.
93 Beehive Beehive January 26, 2018 TBA
The Bears allow bees to live in the cave to make honey. But soon the Bears, entranced by the honey, become the bees' mindless servants.
94 The Park The Park February 2, 2018 TBA
The Bears spend a day at the park. Grizz works out. Panda attempts to sell his artwork. Ice Bear trains some kids.
95 I Am Ice Bear I Am Ice Bear February 9, 2018 TBA
After Ice Bear hits his head, Grizz and Panda notice him acting like a different person.
96 Baby Bears Can't Jump Baby Bears Can't Jump February 16, 2018 TBA
In order to win a pizza, the Baby Bears play basketball against a ragtag gang of kids.

Season 4[]

Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
97 Go Fish Title Go Fish July 30, 2018 TBA
While on a fishing trip, The Bears get attacked by a giant legendary fish.
98 Teachers Pet Title Teacher's Pet July 30, 2018 TBA
Baby Bears escape their hectic lives by attending school.
99 Googs Title Googs July 30, 2018 TBA
The Bears win a tour of the infamous Googs corporate headquarters.
100 Paperboyz Title Paperboyz July 30, 2018 TBA
The Baby Bears get jobs as paper boys.
101 Bear Squad Title Bear Squad July 30, 2018 TBA
Ranger Tabes deputizes The Bears so they can go to the city and catch a thief.
102 Lil Squid Title Lil' Squid July 30, 2018 TBA
The Baby Bears build a submarine and explore the depths of an aquarium so they can bring a lost squid to its family.
103 I Butler Title I, Butler July 30, 2018 TBA
The Bears use a robot bear to help around the house, but things get tricky when they lose control of the robot.
104 Family Troubles Title Family Troubles July 30, 2018 TBA
While starring in a sitcom, Baby Grizz lives on the set but when a cooler kid joins the cast Baby Grizz feels threatened.
105 Best Bears Title Best Bears August 6, 2018 TBA
The Bears must complete their best-man duties on the day of Darrell’s wedding
106 Crowbar Origins Title Crowbar Jones: Origins August 7, 2018 TBA
Grizz pitches his Crowbar Jones film to Nom Nom, hoping Nom Nom will agree to appear in the movie.
107 Hot Sauce Title Hot Sauce August 8, 2018 TBA
A quest for their favorite hot sauce causes The Bears to get involved with a sting operation.
108 Mom App Title Mom App August 9, 2018 TBA
Hoping to finally get the mom-experience, The Bears use an app that'll bring a mom right to their door.
109 Limo Title The Limo August 10, 2018 TBA
To help distract Panda from his girl problems, Grizz and Ice Bear treat him to a ride in a limo.
110 More Tube Title More Everyone's Tube August 13, 2018 TBA
Through another video browsing session online, we get more videos uploaded by The Bears and their friends.
111 Money Man Title Money Man August 14, 2018 TBA
The Bears help Chloe present her project for a college science contest. But Chloe's rival makes things difficult.
112 Rescue Ranger Title Rescue Ranger August 15, 2018 TBA
Ranger Tabes helps The Bears rescue Charlie after he gets captured by a villainous game hunter.
113 El Oso Title El Oso August 16, 2018 TBA
In a flashback to long ago, Charlie has an adventure in the Mexican desert.
114/115 Charlies Halloween 2 Title Charlie's Halloween Thing 2 October 19, 2018 TBA
Charlie tells some scary stories featuring The Bears and their friends.
116 Escandalosos Title Escandalosos November 5, 2018 TBA
The Baby Bears enter a Mexican wrestling tournament.
117 Pizza Band Title Pizza Band November 6, 2018 TBA
The Bears get pizza at Papa Bear's Pizza Cave and wind up replacing the place's animatronic band. They're such a hit that they go on tour!
118 Adopted Title Adopted November 7, 2018 TBA
The Baby Bears get adopted by an eccentric millionaire and get to live in his mansion.
119 Wingmen Title Wingmen November 8, 2018 TBA
In order to get some sleep, the Bears help an annoying bird find a new mate.
120 Braces Title Braces November 9, 2018 TBA
When the Bears go to the dentist, Panda gets braces. But, Panda finds out his braces grant him super abilities and the power goes to his head.
121 TBA Christmas Movies December 17, 2018 TBA
On Christmas Eve, the Baby Bears defend a video store from getting robbed.
122 Imaginary Friend Title Imaginary Friend January 28, 2019 TBA
After watching Ultra Meteorite Fighters, the Baby Bears decide to play pretend only for them to realize that they need a fourth member. They opt to create an imaginary friend named Silver Bear (Jason David Frank), but his heroic persona ends up causing trouble for the Baby Bears whose imagination suddenly gets out of hand.
123 The Mall TItle Card The Mall February 4, 2019 TBA
The Bears go the mall and encounter their human counterparts.
124 Tunnels Title Tunnels February 11, 2019 TBA
The Bears discover a network of tunnels underneath the cave. Are they prepared to discover where they lead to and who dug them?
125 Ramen Title Ramen February 18, 2019 TBA
The Baby Bears help a struggling ramen chef perfect her ramen and save her shop.
126 Gym The Gym February 25, 2019 TBA
The Bears go to the gym and get quite the workout.
127 TBA Bubble March 4, 2019 TBA
Panda becomes a germophobe and decides to live the rest of his life in a bubble.
128 TBA Baby Orphan Ninja Bears March 11, 2019 TBA
The Baby Bears venture into the sewers and meet a ninja-like martial arts master.
129 TBA Fire! March 18, 2019 TBA
Grizz’s quick thinking prevents a potential wildfire, but the praise he receives from doing so quickly goes to his head.
130 TBA Ranger Norm March 18, 2019 TBA
When Ranger Tabes leaves for a conference, the Bears have to deal with her substitute, Ranger Norm.
131 TBA Shmorby March 25, 2019 TBA
The Bears get a Shmorby home assistant device and become lazy couch potatoes.
132 TBA Snake Babies March 25, 2019 TBA
Charlie adopts baby snakes despite the Bears thinking he’s not ready for parenthood.
133 TBA Sandcastle April 1, 2019 TBA
The Baby Bears build a giant sandcastle. But when some kids declare war on the Bears, they must fight to defend their new home.
134 TBA Bros in the City April 1, 2019 TBA
The Bears star in a reality TV show along with Griff, Tom, and Isaac.
135 TBA Cousin Jon April 1, 2019 TBA
When the Bears attend Chloe's family reunion, they fall victim to the mischievous pranks of Chloe’s cousin, Jon.
136 TBA Lord of the Poppies April 1, 2019 TBA
Grizz and the Poppy Rangers go camping on an island, but they soon find themselves deserted.
137 TBA The Mummy's Curse April 29, 2019 TBA
The Baby Bears fear being cursed forever and must find a way to return a mummy to its tomb.
138 TBA Band of Outsiders May 6, 2019 TBA
A gang of streetwise kids takes Baby Ice Bear under their wing.
139 TBA Tabes & Charlie May 13, 2019 TBA
Tabes and Charlie team up to find Tabes’ missing dog, Kirk.
140 TBA Panda's Birthday May 27, 2019 TBA
It’s Panda’s birthday and Grizzly and Ice Bear plan to surprise him with K-Pop group Monsta X. Ice Bear stuffs himself in a luggage only to be met by the group.


Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
141 TBA We Bare Bears: The Movie June 30, 2020 (digital)
September 7, 2020 (television)
The movie will learn that best bros Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear have always had each other’s backs. When their love of food trucks and internet fame leads to unexpected mayhem, they must go on a wild, hilarious and dangerous adventure to escape a foe that threatens to tear them apart.

We Baby Bears[]

Season 1[]

Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 TBA The Magical Box January 1, 2022 101
Three baby bear brothers are granted a magical box that can transport them to any place in the universe.
2 TBA Bears and the Beanstalk January 1, 2022 102
The Bears work as short-order cooks in a giant's diner.
3 TBA BooDunnit January 1, 2022 103
While visiting a mansion haunted by ghosts, The Bears must play detective to find out which one of them stole their box.
4 TBA The Little Mer-Bear January 1, 2022 104
In order to live under the sea, The Bears must transform into mermaids.
5 TBA Modern-ish Stone Age Family January 1, 2022 105
The Bears are invited to live with a family of cavemen, but things get rocky when the Bears teach the family about television.
6 TBA Excalibear January 1, 2022 106
The Bears visit a medieval vegetable village and Grizz is convinced he's the rightful king.
7 TBA Meat House January 1, 2022 107
The Bears and their new friend, Squatter Otter, take up residence in a mysterious house made of meat.
8 TBA The Pirate Parrot Polly January 1, 2022 108
The Bears team up with Polly the Parrot Pirate on a quest for hidden treasure.
9 TBA Baby Bear Genius January 1, 2022 109
Baby geniuses want Ice Bear to attend their prestigious school, but without Grizz and Panda.
10 TBA Bug City Sleuths January 1, 2022 110
The Bears become noir-style detectives to live in a city inhabited by bugs.
11 TBA Hashtag Number One Fan January 3, 2022 111
Panda gets kidnapped by a pair of deranged French foxes.
12 TBA Snow Place Like Home January 3, 2022 112
When The Bears realize whatever they build with snow comes to life they decide to build the biggest snow party of all time.
13 TBA Fiesta Day January 10, 2022 113
The Bears party it up with living piñatas for Fiesta Day. Wanting the festivities to never end, Grizz wishes for it to be Fiesta Day everyday.
14 TBA Baba Yaga House January 10, 2022 114
Squatter Otter tries to win Panda's trust and convince The Bears to live in a mysterious house.
15 TBA Bears in the Dark January 17, 2022 115
The Bears search for their missing box in a dark and scary cave.
16 TBA Big Trouble Little Babies January 17, 2022 116
When they realize they're too small for the rides at an amusement park, The Bears use a magic potion to get bigger.
17 TBA Triple T Tigers January 24, 2022 117
When The Bears meet three cool tiger brothers, Grizz wants to be just like the oldest, TK, but he may not be the best role model.
18 TBA Panda's Family January 24, 2022 118
While exploring a lantern festival, the Bears encounter Panda's long-lost family.
19 TBA A Tale of Two Ice Bears January 31, 2022 119
The Bears acidentally clone Ice Bear and Ice Bear has a hard time adjusting.
20 TBA Unica January 31, 2022 120
The Bears join forces with Unica, the ultimate forest protector.

Sheep Bears Title Card

Sheep Bears

May 2, 2022 121
The Bears get jobs as sheep herders on idyllic farm.

Ice Bear's Pet

Ice Bear's Pet

May 3, 2022 122
Ice Bear attempts top keep an giant owl-monster secretly as a pet.

Dragon Pests

Dragon Pests

May 4, 2022 123
The Bears and Squatter Otter crash a couple's swanky pad while they're out of town.

No Land, All Air!

No Land, All Air!

May 5, 2022 124
The Bears find themselves in a world of dog fighting planes and floating airships.

Tooth Fairy Tech

Tooth Fairy Tech May 6, 2022 125
In order to earn enough money to buy a house, the Bears work as tooth fairies.

High Baby Fashion

High Baby Fashion July 18, 2022 126
The Bears enter Panda into a fashion contest, but he's got some fierce competition when Madam Malin and Madeline show up.

Teddi Bear

Teddi Bear July 19, 2022 127
In an endless junkyard, The Bears meet Teddi, a sentient teddy bear.

A Gross Worm

A Gross Worm July 20, 2022 128
The Bears help Unica return an endangered alien worm to its home.

A Real Crayon

A Real Crayon July 21, 2022 129
The Bears find a mysterious crayon that has the power to make anything they draw become real.

WBB Witches titlecard

Witches October 8, 2022 130
The Bears accidentally summon three mysterious witches and have to figure out how to get them back home.

HappyBouncyFunTown titlecard Internet

Happy Bouncy Fun Town October 8, 2022 131
The Bears land in the cheeriest place of all time, but Ice Bear starts to feel out of place.

BackToOurRegularTimePeriod titlecard

Back to Our Original Time Period October 15, 2022 132
The Bears find themselves trapped in the wrong time period.

BathOnTheNile titlecard

Bath on the Nile October 22, 2022 133
The Bears find themselves in an ancient Egyptian spa, but Grizz refuses to take a bath.

WBB BubbleFields titlecard

Bubble Fields October 29, 2022 134
The Bears try to prove to Unica that they can be expert bubble-ologists.


Who Crashed the RV? January 7, 2023 135
When Squatter Otter finds his new RV destroyed, each bear tells their own version of what happened.


Temple Bears January 14, 2023 136
The Bears search for a house key in a puzzle-filled temple.

Lighthouse tc

Lighthouse January 21, 2023 137
The Bears find a lighthouse powered by a luminous creature.


Doll's House January 28, 2023 138
The Bears apply to be roommates in a fantastic dream dollhouse.

TheLittleFallenStar(P1) Title Card

Little Fallen Star May 13, 2023 139/140
The Bears travel to the far reaches of space to discover the origin of their magic box.

Season 2[]

Title Card Title Air Date Prod. Code
41/42 TBA The Big Wish June 17, 2023 201
The Bears set off on new adventures with Box being able to transport them anywhere they wish.
43 TBA Polly's New Crew June 17, 2023 202
The Bears reunite with their old friend Polly the pirate captain; they learn that Polly is under the effect of a pirate curse and needs help to overcome it.
44/45 TBA Bug City Frame-Up June 24, 2023 TBA
While revisiting Bug City, The Bears are accused of crimes they didn't commit; Ice Bear teams up with old friend Sam Spider Spade to help prove the bears' innocence.
46/47 TBA The Great Veggie War July 1, 2023 TBA
The Bears return to the Veggie Kingdom to visit their old friend Lima, only to find the kingdom at war with a familiar yet unexpected foe; The Bears try to help save the veggie kingdom from annihilation.
48 UH TC Unica's House August 26, 2023 TBA
The Bears learn about sleepovers when visiting Unica in her hometown.
49 RN TC Rexford's Nectar August 26, 2023 TBA
In an effort to be a conscious consumer, Panda becomes obsessed with a new eco-friendly product.
50 GD TC Grizz's Doc August 26, 2023 TBA
Unica and The Bears enter into Glitterwood's annual bake off while Grizz documents it.
51 TTTL TC Triple T Tiger Lilies August 26, 2023 TBA
The Triple T Tigers visit Glitterwood Forest along with their amazing tigerlilies. Unica and the bears attempt to grow their own tigerlily, But short cuts and bad decisions soon result in disaster.
52 AB TC After Bedtime August 26, 2023 TBA
Baby Ice Bear sneaks away after hours to right a wrong.
53 TP TC The Parade August 26, 2023 TBA
Unica is half donkey and half unicorn, and doesn't know which float to ride in the heritage parade. The Baby Bears volunteer to help her choose.
54/55 TBB TC The Big Bloom August 26, 2023 TBA
Unica and the bears prepare to rock out in order to help the Grand Magnolia Tree bloom.


Season 1 Shorts[]

All five shorts released online during the show's first season with the exception of Goodnight Ice Bear, which released online December 1, 2015 and aired on TV on June 30, 2016.

No. Titlecard Title Airdate
1 BearCleaningTitleCard Bear Cleaning July 6, 2015
Grizzly is in his gaming zone, so Panda and Ice Bear decide to have a little fun.
2 NNvH Nom Nom Vs. Hamster August 3, 2015
Nom Nom is forced to share the spotlight on his new video with an uncooperative hamster.
3 Panda's Dream Panda's Dream September 1, 2015
Panda gets cut in line while waiting to buy a video game and fantasizes about ways of heroically standing up for himself.
4 Logride Log Ride November 2, 2015
The Bears become obsessed with taking the perfect "action shot" picture on a log ride at an amusement park. They go on the ride over and over again until they've got the best shot.
5 Gnib Goodnight Ice Bear December 1, 2015 (online)

June 30, 2016 (televised)

Ice Bear tries to fall asleep but the door to his fridge won't close. He tries to come up with a fix for it in any manner possible, no matter how elaborate.

Season 2 Shorts[]

All of these shorts below (along with Goodnight Ice Bear) were shown after the initial broadcast of the Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls (reboot) crossover special "TTG v PPG" and are part of the show's second season.

No. Titlecard Title Airdate
1 Pt Potty Time June 30, 2016
The Baby Bears' search for people to adopt them is disrupted by Baby Panda's need to find a bathroom.
2 Ppp Panda's Profile Pic June 30, 2016
Panda tries to create a profile pic to impress a girl online.
3 Uhc Grizz: Ultimate Hero Champion June 30, 2016
Grizzly records his audition tape for his favorite athletic game show.
4 Dream Dreamium June 30, 2016
Panda downloads an app called Dreamium to help him sleep.
5 Co Charlie's Opus June 30, 2016
Charlie and the animals of the forest learn to play instruments.

Season 3 Shorts[]

These five shorts aired as part of the third season and aired together on TV on April 27, 2017. TV Guide and other sources say these shorts make an episode called We Bare Bears Digital Shorts 3.

No. Titlecard Title Airdate
1 WBB Shorts 301 Title Bear Stack April 27, 2017
The Bears are on a quest to get the last copy of a game at the game store.
2 WBB Shorts 302 Title Frozen Ice April 27, 2017
Grizzly and Panda attempt to melt Ice Bear, who is frozen solid.
3 WBB Shorts 303 Title Assembly Required April 27, 2017
The Bears attempt to assemble some furniture purchased at "Okia."
4 WBB Shorts 304 Title Cooking with Ice Bear April 27, 2017
Ice Bear prepares Korean food in a cooking show he is hosting.
5 WBB Shorts 305 Title The Cave April 27, 2017
A winged intruder is found in the Cave when the Bears try to sleep.