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Everyday Bears Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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(Grizzly enters the bathroom yawning with Ice Bear and Panda. Ice Bear takes an ice bath and Panda puts in his contact lenses.)

Grizzly: Huh? (He picks up a package) Hmm. (He shakes the package and sees a group of people playing Frisbee) Cool people! (He puts down the package and runs to them)

Man: Yeah!

Woman: Huh!

Man 2: Woo!

Grizzly: Sweet catch bro!

Grizzly: So, you guys playing a game?

Man 3: Um, yeah.

Grizzly: Hey, you guys got room for one more player?

Man 3: Uh, sorry, man. We've already got like four, so... no?

Grizzly: Hey, no sweat guys, I'll just pop a squat here and watch! (He sits down near a tree) Don't mind me. Carry on.

Man 3 tosses the frisbee.

Grizzly: Woo! Nice form, bro!

(Cut to Panda's room, he is on his laptop checking his social media page. He then checks his friends; he has 256. He then takes an online quiz.)

Panda: Hmmm, tacos or burgs? Ummmmm,(He clicks on the 'YES' button) Yes. (The page loads the results and lists him as a black bear.)

Panda: A black bear? What? (He starts typing a comment) This quiz is completely STUPID! (He sends the comment) Justice delivered. (He looks through more of his social media) Ooh hello beautiful! (The screen shows an ice cream sundae. He clicks the like button and starts typing a comment) Yum, where? (He starts liking every post he sees, until he sees a picture of a dog dressed as a dragon)

Panda: WHAT!? Augh, that's just creepy! (He starts typing in a status update. He starts with "I hate", but struggles to complete the rest) No, no, no...

(Panda leans back on his chair, but the sound of the keyboard typing catches his attention)

Panda: Huh? (The screen shows the comment typing gibberish by itself)(Panda looks at the keyboard and sees a mouse crawling around it.) WAAH! INTRUDER!

(Ice Bear is sweeping the floor until his broom hits the package from earlier. He picks up the package and shakes the package. He walks to the table and opens the package. Inside it is a Vacuum Pal. Later, he is sitting on a chair reading a newspaper as the Vacuum Pal vacuums the floor.)

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