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Yeah, not sure how this little guy got up there... He's holding my arm so tight! Cute little guy... Hope he doesn't get too attached.
Burrito, Talking about the cub to another fireman.

The Fireman is an unnamed minor character who made his first and only appearance in the episode "Burrito".


The Fireman is first seen wearing an orange firefighter's uniform. There are yellow belts around the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt with a thin blue line in the center. He wears a red firefighter's hat with what appears to be an signature insignia on the front. He has dark brown gloves and black shoes, and has reflective cuffs around the ends of his sleeves.


His personality is minimal, but given the fact how he rescued baby Grizzly during the rainy storm, the unnamed fireman is shown to be brave, friendly and compassionate and even allowed Grizzly to cling on to his arm, while commenting that he’s a “cute little guy”, but still does not understand how he ended up in the tree.


He is shown in a sequence depicting a moment earlier in Grizzly's life, in which he is stuck on a branch of a large tree. The fireman, as part of a rescue assembly, helps Grizzly from the tree, allowing him to latch onto the cuff of his sleeve. The reflective cuff closely resembles the tin foil of the burrito, causing Grizzly's emotional attachment to it.


  • In the episode "Burrito", it is shown that the Fireman is the reason behind Grizzly finding comfort in the burrito.
  • Since the events of the episode "Burrito" took place when Grizz was only a cub, the Fireman should be much older as of now.
  • A second fireman also appeared in "Everyday Bears", trying to save Grizzly from another tree, though this time Grizzly is much older than before.
    • This fireman is, evidently, not the same person, as his chin is much more round and his voice is a bit higher.
    • He also does not have the reflective cuffs worn by the other fireman. However, it is probable that there may have been changes in the uniform since the event.

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