Fishy Sticks is a brand of fish sticks (breaded oblong pieces of fish fillet) sold at the Super Market. It was briefly seen in "Planet Bears" when Ice Bear attempted to nab the last bag of Fishy Sticks.


The packet is made out of a bright yellow plastic sealed at the top with a hook hole for hanging. On the front is an image of a blue-gray fish with a blue/yellow propeller hat and red-orange overalls, surrounded by the name of the product, "Fishy Sticks", in blue and white lettering. There is a blue stamp on the bottom left corner of the bag advertising "100% Fish".

Planet Bears

When Ice Bear went to buy fish at the Super Market, but the time he was able to make a purchase, all the fish were sold out. He then noticed a single bag of Fishy Sticks and planned on settling with that, when a woman who wanted to buy the product as well approached. The two began to struggle with each other for the Fishy Sticks, growing increasingly angry with each other, when a young boy—the woman's child—came up to them and won the bag of fish sticks over with his cuteness.

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