The Food Market is, evidently, a food store the Bears often visit. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. It made its first appearance in the episode "Primal".

It has also appeared in the episode "Jean Jacket".



In the ad for Badger in the Wild, the Food Market briefly appears, showing several people shopping and waiting in register lines.

Jean Jacket

After the Bears find the jean jacket in a trash bin and figure out it makes them extremely lucky, they visit the Food Market. The Bears, while in the market, discover frozen Pizza Bagels in the frozen foods section, all of them 50% off. The Bears stuff their shopping cart with a whole lot of them and rush to buy them all. They end up in a crowded checkout line. As it's Ice Bear's turn, he steps up and immediately after, a new register is open, to which the Bears happily run over and buy their food.

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