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You can't return food. This is half-eaten anyways. You think I'm a chump or somethin'?
Food Truck, Talking to the Bears when they attempt to refund a half-eaten ramen taco.

The Food Truck Owners are a group of business people who own small food truck-based businesses. They made their first and only appearance in the episode "Food Truck".


Food Truck[]

They think very little of the Bears until their only customers, the Woodland Creatures, start to drive away the surrounding pedestrians. They end up getting cornered on top of the various food trucks, along with the Bears, stuck in between the creatures' rampage. They run along the tops of the food trucks, being led by Grizzly, in order to escape. Grizzly finds out he can use Panda's phone's camera's flash to temporarily deter the animals, so he uses it to his advantage until the phone dies, which then he throws at the animal, the phone ending up hitting a skunk. All the animals become distracted by the ever-growing smell, giving the owners a chance to escape, which they do.

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