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The Food Trucks, first seen in "Food Truck", are large vans equipped with kitchens to help cook and serve food. They sit in a gathering in the park where people visit to try various unique foods.

The trucks seen in the episode were the Calzone truck, owned by the Bears, the Bad Baby truck, the Curry Pie Bits truck, the Lotta Lobsta Burger truck, the Mac & Pizza truck, the Poutine truck, the Ramen Tacos truck, and the Waffle Sandwiches truck.

Following the events of "Food Truck", most of the trucks were damaged or destroyed by the wildlife of the forest after the Bears lured them to the gathering by feeding them Ice Bear's calzones.


The most notable truck is the Calzone truck, which is owned by the Bears. Its paint is split between light blue and yellow, which references the California state colors: blue and gold. A light green decal of the California state can be seen on its back doors alongside the word "Calzone".

The other trucks feature similar appearances, featuring a single base color related to its product and a decal of said product on the side and/or back doors.

Episode Appearances

Food Truck

Having heard of a new, popular food, the Ramen Taco, being sold at a food truck, the Bears are quick to arrive at an extremely long line to the Ramen Taco truck. The three start to get tired of waiting, having waited in line for over 4 hours. Eventually, they get to buy this new treat, though disappointed that they were only given one. The three then head off and take their own small bites of the taco, savoring the flavor. They're disappointed by the quality of the product, and Panda even struggles in describing its texture.


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