I just can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs!

—"The Audition", Freshy Bear's signature line during his commercials.

Freshy Bear is the popular mascot for Frosty Fluffs and was first seen in "The Audition". He's described as a "pop icon" and has existed for many, many years (at least since the Bears were cubs). One thing Freshy Bear enjoys doing is doing his freshy dance, which is caused by the great amount of joy he feels when he takes a bite of his delicious Frosty Fluffs.


Freshy Bear is chubby and has brown fur with a peach muzzle. He has light-blue eyes and wears a t-shirt sharing that color, also bearing "FB" on the chest of his shirt in white letters. He also sports a buff, tall, Western-style hat.


  • His appearance suggests that he may be a grizzly bear, making him the second bear in the show to share Grizzly's species, the first being Little Bear.

Cultural References

  • Freshy Bear is possibly a visual parody of Sugar Bear, the mascot of Golden Crisp. Both bear similar appearances, being brown-furred bears with peach muzzles and blue t-shirts with their names on the front. Though this may be so, Frosty Fluffs itself bears no resemblance to Golden Crisp.
  • It's possible Freshy Bear is based off the cereal mascot "Frosty the Bear".

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