Frosty Fluffs are a popular, crunchy marshmallow-ridden breakfast cereal that was the main focus of "The Audition". The cereal's mascot is Freshy Bear, a dancing, cereal-loving bear. Frosty Fluffs has been around for many, many years, as stated by Grizzly, who hasn't seen the cereal since him and his brothers were cubs.

In the Frosty Fluffs commercials, the main formula consists of Freshy Bear running away from a group of three children with his cereal, and is known to do his signature "Freshy Dance" during the commercials. At the end of each commercial, Freshy Bear is successful in running away with his cereal while the commercial ends with a close-up shot of the cereal and a voice-over of a child stating that "Frosty Fluffs is a delicious part of this complete breakfast". There is a famous quote from Freshy Bear that states "I can't bare to be without my Frosty Fluffs!"


The Frosty Fluffs box is primarily yellow, the background being a spotlight of sorts, alternating between yellow and a slightly darker yellow. In the foreground is a large, cerise bowl filled with Frosty Fluffs cereal, milk, and a large spoon stuck inside. Just behind the bowl is Freshy Bear smiling with his arms stretched out in excitement as he looks at the bowl.

Cultural References

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