Game World is a video game store Panda visits to obtain a new video game. It made its first and only appearance in the short "Panda's Dream".


Game World's logo has the words "Game World". The name is aligned in an upwards arch in red or orange while the background of it is black. The main entrance consists of mostly windows to showcase the inside of the store from the outside.

Panda's Dream

Game World is used as the plot's setting. Panda is waiting, in a rather long line, to get into the apparently-closed store to buy a new video game.


  • The letters on the logo resemble the well-known, Microsoft Word default font Arial.

Cultural References

  • Game World is likely a reference to the popular video game store franchise GameStop.
  • A poster for a game called "Plumber Race 10" can be seen on the outside. This is likely a reference to the video game series Mario Kart.


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