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Goodnight Ice Bear Gallery Transcript

(A tired Ice Bear enters the scene, walking towards the fridge. He opens the fridge's door, turns off the lamp, enters the fridge, and closes the door in order to fall asleep. However, just seconds after closing the door, it opens.)

(Ice Bear opens one eye and notices the door is open. He quickly closes it after his discovery. It opens again afterward. When Ice Bear notices, he opens and closes the door in rapid succession, ending with closing the door.)

(The door opens again, with Ice Bear having an angry look on his face. He exits the fridge, turns on the lamp, and attempts to close the door again, only for for it to open once more.)

(Ice Bear exits the scene and comes back with a roll of duct tape. He turns off the lamp, enters the fridge, and, before closing the door, attaches several pieces of tape to the door. However, the tape peels off, and the door opens again.)

(Ice Bear, still angry, exits the fridge, turns on the lamp, and exits the scene. The front door is heard opening. Ice Bear cuts down three trees using a chainsaw, and then enters the scene. His feet are muddy, and there is a squirrel resting on his head. He exits to the left and gets a blow torch and face shield. The squirrel is seen with a face shield as well.)

(Ice bear exits to the right begins construction. Various sounds, like a blowtorch and hammer, are heard. Ice Bear brings his finished contraption into the scene, which features a mechanical box with a pull cord, and two sets of wooden planks to keep the door closed. He places the machine on top of the fridge, enters the fridge, and pulls the cord.)

(Initially, his contraption does not work, so he pulls the cord a few more times. However, this causes the fridge to fall over, with its backside now facing up. With his problem now solved, Ice Bear reaches out of the fridge to turn off the lamp, and falls asleep.)

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