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Granola Guy, his named as dubbed by the Cubs, is a hitch-hiker. He made his first and only appearances in The Three Bare Bears comic and the episode "The Road".


He has dark skin. He has dark, scruffy, brown hair and a goatee of the same texture. He's seen wearing a red ball-cap, a beige sweater with a black t-shirt, dark, tattered jeans with stains at the bottom, red sneakers, and a green backpack.

The Road[]

While the Cubs are trying to hitch-hike to find a new home in Paris, a car speeding by causing dust to rise and them to cough. As the dust clears, they hear a deeper voice coughing and end find the Granola Guy at the other side of the road, also trying to hitch-hike. The Cubs tell him to scram, but he refuses, saying it's a free country. They tell him its their spot and that they were there first, but once again, he doesn't budge.

Ice Bear ends up walking over and pulling his pant leg up, about to bite it, when the Granola Guy pulls out a granola bar. The Cubs ask what it is and he tells them, asking them if they want it. They say yes and he gives it to Ice Bear who carries it back to their box.

As nighttime rolls around, the Granola Guy, sitting in the box with the Cubs, thanks them for letting him stay for the night while the Cubs, in turn, thank him for the granola bar. They all fall asleep. In the morning, the Cubs find their box, and the Granola Guy, missing.


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