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Griff[1] is a minor character who was first seen in "Panda's Friend". He is the human counterpart to Grizzly Bear.


He's only seen wearing a blue t-shirt with the word "SPORTS" on it in red lettering. He has green-ish shorts with matching shoes and white, ribbed ankle socks. He has short, curly hair, large eyebrows, and a stubble along his chin.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Daniel Chong confirmed that the human dopplegangers' appearance in "Panda's Friend" would not be their last in the show.[2]
  • Griff is also voiced by Eric Edelstein who voices Grizz in the episode "Panda's Friend" but instead he's replaced to be voiced by Faruq Tauheed in the episode "Bro Brawl".
  • Griff also states in "Bro Brawl" that he is "a renegade cop, who protects the streets and keeps them clean".
  • Griff states in "The Mall" that he is in fact a mall cop.


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