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Griff[1] is a minor character who was first seen in "Panda's Friend". He is the human counterpart to Grizzly.


He's generally seen wearing a blue t-shirt with the word "SPORTS" on it in red lettering. He has greenish shorts with matching shoes and white, ribbed ankle socks. He has short, curly hair, large eyebrows, and a stubble along his chin.

In "Bro Brawl", Griff is seen wearing an Olympic blue shirt, light gray shorts, ribbed grayish white ankle socks, gray flip flops, and an aegean blue helmet.

While on duty at the mall, in the episode "The Mall", he is seen in his uniform- a white button down shirt with an emblem on the right sleeve that says "MALL COP", blue pants, a black belt, a cop hat, a black tie, and black shoes.

In "Bros in the City", Griff is briefly shown in the Bros in the City into wearing light gray shorts with a dark gray strip on top, ribbed grayish white ankle socks, and gray flip flops; he also has a cream-colored towel draped over his right shoulder.

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  • Daniel Chong confirmed that the human dopplegangers' appearance in "Panda's Friend" would not be their last in the show.[2]
  • Griff's name not only sounds similar to Grizz but is only different in the last two letters of their names.
    • Griff's name, like Grizzly's, also references an animal. In Griff's case, his name can be short for "Gryphon", a mythical creature that is part eagle and part lion.
    • In "Panda's Friend", Tom calls Grizzly "Griff", which is a reference to him meeting Griff at the end.
  • Griff was initially voiced by Eric Edelstein, the voice actor of his bear counter-part Grizzly in the episode "Panda's Friend". In his later appearances, Griff was voiced by Faruq Tauheed in four episodes "Bro Brawl", "More Everyone's Tube", "The Mall", and "Bros in the City".
  • Griff also states in "Bro Brawl" that he is "a renegade cop, who protects the streets and keeps them clean".
    • Griff states in "The Mall" that he is in fact a mall cop.


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