Grizzly's Wallet is a wallet Grizzly uses to store his money and other small objects. It made its first appearance in the episode, "Our Stuff".

It also appeared in the episode "Brother Up" and "Anger Management".


The wallet is mainly orange with a red trim. On the front of the wallet is a piece of tape with the word "Grizz" written on it in marker.

Our Stuff

In the episode, "Our Stuff", when the Bears were putting their belongings in their Backpack to keep safe during a basketball game. Player 41 was at first suspected to have stolen the backpack. The real thieves were later revealed to be the Pigeon Cartel.

Brother Up

When the Bears were cornered by two vicious wolves, Grizzly told his brothers to hand him their wallets. He threw the wallets at the wolves in order to hopefully deter them, but it didn't work.


  • The wallet closes using velcro, rather than something more commonly used on wallets: a snap.
  • Another wallet seen is a sack Panda uses to carry around his change, though it has only been seen in the episode "Burrito".
  • So far, Grizzly has never been seen using it.
    • Currently, Panda's sack is the only wallet to be seen opened to obtain money for a transaction.
  • The Wallet was one of the items put inside the backpack, the others being Panda's Phone and Ice Bear's Ninja Stars.
  • It includes one of the corgis picture.

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