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Hamster is, of course, a hamster. He is internet famous and is a former rival to Nom Nom, being revealed later that he is Nom Nom's pet. He made his first appearance in the short "Nom Nom vs. Hamster". He's a short-hair hamster with cream fur and orange markings. He has black eyes.

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Nom Nom[]


Nom Nom trying to get Hamster to stand up.

The two aren't very fond of each other. In "Nom Nom vs. Hamster", when Nom Nom and Hamster were doing a shoot together, it was made clear Nom Nom was rude and impatient towards him. Seeing this, the small rodent did everything in his power to annoy Nom Nom throughout the shoot to the point where Nom Nom got up and left altogether.

Later, in the episode "Kyle", we can see that Hamster is actually living in Nom Nom's mansion and, in spite of their differences in the past, they get along well.


Is that a wrap?


  • Like most other animals, Hamster has the ability to speak in the human tongue.
  • Hamster hasn't yet been given a name.
  • While Baby Ice Bear was doing recon in the Pet Shoppe in the episode "Pet Shop", for about two seconds, Baby Hamster can be seen in one of the cages.
  • In "Kyle" is revealed that Hamster lives in "Nom Nom's Entourage". In "We Bare Bears: The Movie", Hamster appears at the Internet Celebrity party, implying that he managed to escape the cage.



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