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Honey Wasabi Gummies are a brand of spicy candy that made its first appearance in the episode "Chloe".

They also appeared in the game "Free Fur All" and the episode "Chloe and Ice Bear".



During their debut episode, as the Bears go through Chloe's backpack after she intrudes their cave, they find the Honey Wasabi Gummies and begin eating them, albeit with the wrappers still on. Chloe unwraps them for the Bears as they continue to eat. When they first eat them, they emit tears and snot, due to the candy's spiciness. Chloe offers to give these gummies to the Bears in return for her studying their daily behavior. The Bears, having adapted a sudden affinity for the gummies, agree to let Chloe study them for her school project.

Chloe and Ice Bear

They make a brief appearance near the beginning when Chloe grabs her sweatshirt.

Free Fur All

In the We Bare Bears game Free Fur All, the Honey Wasabi Gummies are given as a time bonus in the minigame "Sample King".


  • Despite having "gummies" in its name, the sound that can be heard when the Bears eat the gummies are crunches, rather than the expected chewy and gummy noise that would usually be heard.
  • According to Chloe, and as implied by the name, they are spicy.
    • Due to this, whenever the Bears eat the gummies, their noses run and their eyes grow watery.

Cultural References

  • Wasabi is a Japanese condiment made from the root of the wasabi plant, renowned for being remarkably spicy.
  • These candies could be a reference to Hotheads, and Warheads, due to their apparent crunchiness and intense, really hot and extreme flavors.
    • However, the intense, spicy flavors may also be a result of the wasabi.
  • They could also be a parody of Kasugai Snack Food's (春日井 製菓) gummy candies. Manufactured in Japan and exported to the US and UK, the gummy candies are found in small plastic bags of similar appearance to that of the Honey Wasabi Gummies', and each gummy in the bag is wrapped in plastic, just like the wasabi gummies.

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